Business of Fashion Requires Multiple Skills

sophia oren_dgjp_domenico_custom DG Naples jacketEnough has been written on Dolce & Gabbana’s Naples show. Past weekend, the designer duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce staged their 99-look Alta Moda show on the tiny cobbled streets of the city’s oldest quarter before an invited audience of clients and editors. The Italian house’s answer to couture was inspired by Sophia Loren, who grew up not far from the show’s location.

stefano gabbana_jp_after partydomenico dolce_jp_dgwomenswearThis story is more about the designer duo’s heart-warming interpersonal skills. I chanced upon a photograph of Delhi’s flamboyant fashionista – JP Singh partying with Stefano at the after party on the beach on Stefano’s Instagram account. I called up JP  and enquired what’s he doing in Naples. The surdy said that Domenico warmly invited him for this exclusive show and is pampering him.

dominique_jp1No doubt Domenico and Stefano wouldn’t invest time and energy on any tom-dick & harry. JP’s extravagant ways must be an influencing factor but what is interesting thing to note that how designers of one of the world’s top fashion label develop relationship with a prospective client. Domenico asked his assistant, Francesca to get a bespoke jacket painted with Napoli sky on it exclusively for his new friend for the show. Not only that, they even hosted JP at their farmhouse.

dolce-gabbana-alta-moda-show-italyBusiness of fashion is tough. Designers’ creative skills are important but so is the art of building relationship. JP sure is floored by the VIP treatment extended to him by Domenico and Stefano for their men’s show, jewelry show, womenswear show and the extravaganza at Napoli where select 200 guests were invited from world over. In return our Desi dude hasn’t given any business to D&G yet. But relationship building is all about pampering. The fruits come later.

Not often celebrity designers come down from their high-horses. The one who does, win!

Desi Dude Shows How To Charm Ladies

Rockstar SurdyCheck-out this video where an elderly Sikh gentleman breaks into an impromptu dance gig with a girl half his age and how his inimitable style charms other women to join in.

This gentleman is the real rockstar. His gestures, moves and touches are innocent, funny and not offensive. He wins over the ladies with his groovy moves, which is part Bhangra, part Bollywood. I would say, ‘Sardarji is a PLAYER!’

See the video here: Rockstar Surdy

‘Moolah Rouge’- Money Is Thicker Than Blood

Ravi flaunting his cloutDelhi’s first-family of homegrown luxury brand, the Chawlas of Ravissant fame are now becoming more infamous for estranged family relationships. The saga of ‘sour relationships’ in Ravi and Mina Chawla’s family started decades back with their estranged daughter-in-law. The family had so much hate for the daughter-in-law that they ousted their own blood, the son. The daughters added fuel to fire and ensured that even the grand-daughter is not spared. More about the vendetta with the son, daughter-in-law and the grand-daughter in my next story about this famous’ family’s dirty tricks.


Charu_Chetancharu chawla copyThe two daughters of Ravi and Mina Chawla – Malini and Charu married successful men. Most recently Charu separated from her lawyer husband, Chetan Anand (lawyer R K Anand’s son). She has barred the estranged hubby from meeting their child.  I am not spilling any private family matter in public domain. Charu Chawla herself has made it ‘public’ by changing her Facebook status to ‘single’ so please spare me the morality sermons.

Malini and Arjun Sehgal marriage is also on the rocks. Not sure about the exact status but yes the hubby is told whom to talk to, whom to sit with and whom to be seen with by the wifey. Chawlas have a penchant for control and hold on to the leash. 

Ravissant _ FraudLoyal employees who spent their life at Ravissant were accused of fraud and jailed. Why not??? They have clout and money power. If blood relations and family can be whipped, who the hell are employees? Yours truly too will now get harangued in numerous ways but fact is a fact.

Evolution of Haute Couture

diorcouture4_bigIris van Harpen_Couture_FW16Margielacouture15Couture is all about fantasy, drama and over the-top creations. But Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2016 that just concluded in Paris moved away from typical red-carpet ensembles and this time understated looks made more noise than the usual Ralph & Russo gowns or pretty clothes from Armani Prive.

Maison Margiela1Margielacouture4Margielacouture7John Galliano’s collection for Maison Margiela was wildly creative. Galliano maintained Margiela spirit of ‘deconstruction’ and used weirdly beautiful makeup to send out a theatrical collection of beekeepers, barristers and birds. Oversized Wellies (gumboots), neon-painted faces and outlandish hair-dos yet again established that Galliano is great at theatrics.

Christian Dior_Couture_FW16diorcouture18The understated and relaxed look showcased by Christian Dior was refreshing. Loosened bar-jackets, accordion pleated skirts in monochromatic shades were simply beautiful.  At Dior it was the absolutely paired down look that stole the show. Total focus was on details and construction.  In house designers Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier got it right and took us back to the roots of Dior’s ateliers, as well as that iconic 1947 John French photograph of a white structured bar jacket and stiffened black A-line skirt.

Iris van Herpen1Iris van Herpen is a designer who Is using  couture for  experimentation and innovation. Iris van Herpen used  cymatics’ – a technique that visualizes sound waves as geometric patterns. It was absolutely out-of-the world how Herpen used Shibori craft in three-dimension on Organza to get a beehive or a porous sponge texture.  A strapless dress made from iridescent pearl-coated laser cut fabric and hand-stitched on cotton and tulle was astonishing. She is so strong with tech that I am sure in future she will keep amazing us.