Sobhaa De ‘Slam-Dunked’ By Viru

Viru_SobhaVirender-SehwagNever knew the Nawab of NajafgarhVirender Sehwag had smooth ways with words…as smooth as the sixes he hooked with his bat. Viru with his magnificent word-play slammed smarty -pants Sobhaa De on her wisecrack on Twiiter about Indian Olympians. A writer made to shut-up with fine use of words by a cricketer is absolutely amazing. Amitabh Bachchan will now become Mrs. De’s next target.

Ambani congratulates SindhuNita Ambani, Shobha De at the launch of IMC ladies exhibition in Mumbai on 16th Oct 2012 (54)The real reason behind Sobhaa De’s vitriolic comment about Indian Olympic squad was the fact that she wasn’t the part of Nita Ambani’s entourage to Rio. The frustration was vented elsewhere as Ms. De didn’t dare to rub Nita Ambani on the wrong side, hoping in future she finds space in her entourage.

Sobha_Foot-in-the-MouthAnyway I am so happy that Virender Sehwag shut-up Sobhaa De with such finesse!

Sona Munda At It Yet Again???

This came from a reader…a rather harsh one. Me getting old? Maybe…

Delhi Truths

you are getting old Jack, heres whats new in Delhi

Which Maaru famous for diwali parties is hooking up with friends wife?

which recently married and relocated tv sports anchor is now hooking up with sona munda (AV)


Melania Trump ‘In The Buff’!

Donald_Melania TrumpThe New York Post ran a headline story over the weekend that included censored nude photos of Melania Trump. But the uncensored versions are available on the recesses of the Internet so here are the uncensored nude shots of Melania from her modeling days, that you too can enjoy. By the way, this was no Russian hacker job. Just that many people love seeing hot Slovenian models who happen to be married to Donald Trump quite naked. That has to include Donald Trump himself.

melania-trump-naked-in-1995melania-trump-naked-in-1995-651a1d52_web copyProbably it is the first that you get to see the spouse of the major party Presidential nominee naked. If Donald Trump wins the American elections, certainly Melania Trump would be the first First Lady in the history of the White House whose bare bust we’ve seen.

Gisele Strutting & Ambrosio Yanking-It-Up

Gisele_Olympics 2016There is a lot going on in Brazil. Retired supermodel, Gisele Bundchen put her cat-walking skills on display and walked down the 500-foot-runway at the Opening Ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016. In her own words, “It was the longest runway I’ve ever been on,” Bündchen wore a sequined column gown by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch as she walked to the tune of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’. 


alessandra-ambrosio-bikini-15-420x560alessandra-ambrosio-bikini-03-420x560Another Brazilian hottie – Alessandra Ambrosio too is in Brazil. She preferred a dip in the sea and was captured by paparazzi yanking up her bikini bottom. I wonder why no bikini maker found out a solution to the perpetual problem women face with bikinis. They are always yanking-it-up when the buoyant force of the water pull the bikini bottom down or they yanking-it-out when the bikini sinks between the butt-cheeks.


Raf Simon Joins Calvin Klein. WTF!

raf-simons-ckThe 8.2 Billion Dollar brand, Calvin Klein announced via Instagram and Facebook that Raf Simons is their new Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and he will release his first collection for them during February’s Fall 2017 shows. As Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer, Simons, who left Dior last October, will not only design mens and womens runway collections but will also take control of divisions that were previously run separately from runway. Simons will also oversee design for the brand’s denim, underwear and home collections, and its marketing and advertising departments will report to him as well.

Raf Simons_Final Dior ShowThough rumors were rife about Simons joining CK, personally I doubted it. After quitting Christian Dior last October Raf Simons in an interview to Cathy Horyn said, “The only thing I know is that (fashion) used to be elitist. And I don’t know if one should be ashamed or not to admit that maybe it was nicer when it was more elitist, not for everybody. Now high fashion is for everybody.” He quit Dior because fashion had become too fast-paced and that the pressure and rigmarole of creating a collection every two months was simply too much. Is Simons truly an elitist? It is unlikely – of all the positions he could have taken, Calvin Klein is arguably the least steeped in old-world fashion elitism, Probably the money offered by Calvin Klein was too good to refuse!

28789-1Only other logic I see in why Raf Simons took up the job as the CCO at Calvin Klein is his obsession for youth culture. There are few, fashion houses better placed than Calvin Klein to provide Simons with the platform to connect to today’s youth.