Tashu desperately needs a Stylist

Money can’t buy you style and Delhi butterfly – Tanisha Mohan is the perfect example of it. Robbie Mohan, her docile hubby has pots of money, which Tashu dear splurges like there’s no tomorrow but her dressing sense can be best described as ‘Tacky’. She is what we call a ‘Brand Whore’ – top to bottom laden with brands.

Tanisha has also flirted with ramp walking. Below you see her walking the ramp for Ranna Gill’s Spring-Summer 2010 show at WIFW. Good lord! What made Ranna do such a huge compromise for her show? I poked my nose around and discovered that Tanisha bought the entire collection to be on the ramp as a show-stopper. Ufff…things these wannabes do for their 15 seconds of fame.I am posting more pictures of Tanisha below to give you a glimpse of her tacky dress-sense (and don’t miss those podgy knees). Mind you, they are all expensive stuff but as I said earlier – Money can’t Buy You Style! Any stylists willing to help Tashu out? If yes, do express your desire and I’ll recommend you. Don’t worry, moolah is never a problem with Tanisha!

13 thoughts on “Tashu desperately needs a Stylist

  1. A.I

    OMG, u belled the cat! I’ve always always wondered on her dressing style, do u know, at the recent fashion week, she actually changed her outfit from a gown to a short dress for a show right after the other and we were like laughing so hard! How obsessive one can be with oneself is what amazes me…Good job, Jo ! Keep it up.

  2. anonymous

    well well no wonder she wore a drab white TT saree last night at Canali dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that dress change reminds me of a certain man in Mumbai who does the same!

  3. jack Post author

    Yeah Anonymous, Tashu was not only spotted in that drab white chiffon saree at Canali Dinner (she must have forced Robbie to buy some Canali suits. That’s how she gets invited everywhere coz all these brand guys know that here is a ‘brand-hag’ and a desperate socialite who has pots of money.)
    Tashu in fact wore the same white saree to Amit and Divya Burman’s dinner. Hope the blog has tamed her down otherwise a Tashu who changes outfit between two shows at NSIC grounds (wonder where???) couldn’t have worn the same sari to another soiree though in the same night.
    Come on Tashu, that’s the way to go!

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