Why performance of Armani in India is so Lackluster?

Before Armani entered India there was a huge expectation from the brand and brand gurus predicted that if one brand that will literally rock in India amongst fashion & luxury labels, it’s Armani. Armani tied-up with one of the most powerful conglomerate of India – the DLF group. Yet two years down the line, Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani are showing the most pathetic results. What could be the reason or rather reasons?Atul Midha, the man who runs the show in India is definitely lagging behind when it comes to promoting his brand. Heard he loves to spend more time in Milan than Apna Desh! In fact more esoteric brands in Menswear like Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Brioni, Paul Smith, Corneliani and Burberry are faring much better than Armani. Giorgio Armani’s past few collections were strongly influenced by India yet the Guru Jacket from Zegna or the Nawab (Bandhgala) Jacket from Canali created more flutter and sold much better.

 Even the lunching-ladies are skipping Armani and rather going for Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Pucci, Dior, Miu Miu, DVF, Ferragamo, Tod’s and Herve Leger.Recently a Armani travel bag was on a discounted offer (Midha once tom-tommed, “Armani doesn’t do ‘SALES’.”) – the Rs. 80k bag was offered for approx. Rs. 50k by a site called fashion fad and yet there weren’t many takers.

Many fashion conscious gents have told me that the merchandise at Armani stores in India is sad. Pia Singh should take stock of things and see that her smartly attired GM who speaks with a borrowed accent is not just big-talk but some hard work too. And yes, their PR is absolutely pathetic. What else could be the reason for Armani being so lackluster here even when it’s got the best location at DLF Emporio???

73 thoughts on “Why performance of Armani in India is so Lackluster?

  1. pbriseis

    why r u concerned with his looks…i think he looks good and take it from a gal….he is…..whatever the reason armani isnt doing good believe m this guys looks has nothing to do with it…..i guess lemme help him out a bit, wud promote armani and go buy some myself. although i think the PR shud definetley wake up and do some serious promotions…..coz i believe anything can sell in this world with the right marketing and packaging…..and lets ot forget now that we r not talking abt just anything but ARMANI coz i do love the brand. its simplisticly complex.

  2. Anonymous

    pbriseis, enjoy your overpriced ‘last-season’ clothes from the dlf armani. say hi to atul and bring him some food for me, oh wait – he would not be in delhi during this summer heat, would he ?

  3. pbriseis

    oh come on anonymous….dont be such a sourpuss…..im just sayng if theres something really good and i like it i’ll buy it even if it is last season…..im not one of those delhi women who have to buy the latest stuff and r head to toe laden with brands. i only buy suff that i like….cud be from anywhere….i dont care…..and as for that guy atul…who cares abt him…whether hs here or somewhere outta the country….but if i do meet him will try to take him to a heavy lunch…..i’ll tell him anonymous wants u to thoroughly eat….

  4. Anonymous

    pbriseis, it’s not about the latest stuff, it’s about buying fairly priced goods. why should one pay the same high prices for last year’s fashion? a good business would sell last year’s stuff cheaper or not carry them at all – not “fool” the indian consumer into thinking that this is the latest merchandise and then charging a bomb for it. armani wont’ do well until they fix this problem. but if they want to do well they just need to open a an AX here and they will clean shop as the karol bagh crowd loves those armani logo’d merchandise….regarding atul, we just want him to be healthy & wealthy 🙂 but do get him to treat you to a nice lunch.

  5. pbriseis

    you have point anonymous….by the way im tiered of calling u that so im gonna change ur name to Mr. or Ms. X coz i still dont know whats ur sex….anyways people r so stupid they wud still pay full price fo last yrs stuff….thats how vain some of te people here are not to forgt self absorbed o the point that anyone can take them for a merry ride in the name of self indulgence…..as for lunching with that guy i really dont wanna waste my time….i was just saying that before coz u keep on insisting that he eats…..

  6. Anonymous

    I’m a Mr. 🙂 To me the most fashionable are the ones that are creative and can put together an outfit, not the one’s that think they can ‘buy’ fashion. Those hop Delhi college girls who put stuff together a smart outfit from sarojini nagar, that’s impressive fashion !

  7. preeti

    i hear atul’s wife kiran is holding him back…supposedly she adds a lot of drama in his life, but i can’t confirm is she has cheated on him or not.

  8. jack Post author

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  9. Fashion Inquisitive

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