LV Ad Banned in UK for Misleading Customers

Folks, wanted to share this bit of news that I came across. I do support the BSA’s reasoning behind banning the Louis Vuitton Ad!

Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned two Louis Vuitton ads for misleading customers.

One of the ads depicts a seamstress sewing together a handbag with text that reads, “The seamstress with linen thread and beeswax. A needle, linen thread, beeswax and infinite patience protect each over-stitch from humidity and the passage of time. One could say that a Louis Vuitton bag is a collection of details. But with so much attention lavished on every one, should we only call them details?” The other ad shows a seamstress making a wallet.The problem–at least for complaining clients–is that Louis Vuitton’s luxury goods are made by machine. Louis Vuitton confessed that sewing machines are used in the process but that the “production of the bags was ‘not automated’ and that there were over 100 stages in the making of each bag,” according to the Daily Mail.

However, that’s not enough to sway the ASA, which maintains the ads are deceptive.

23 thoughts on “LV Ad Banned in UK for Misleading Customers

  1. Anthead

    This sure is rich coming from a company whose bread and butter is coated canvas bags, You want a nice handmade bag? Go to a leather craftsperson (and there aren’t a lot of those left in France and Italy). In what delusional world do folks think that a multinational conglomerate is selling them handcrafted bags?

  2. Beth

    I want to see pictures of the “seamstress” making my Louis Vuitton bags. Especially the plastic transparent one. I want to see her sitting quietly in her grey frock sewing diligently. More likely to be sweating on a factory floor somewhere.

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