ZARA Ne Le Li…

Guys Zara ne literally apparel retailers ke le li!!!I remember sending a mail to Inditex HQ (the Parent company that owns the brand Zara) in Spain way back in 2005 soliciting information on their interest in entering the Indian market with a franchisee arrangement. I got a prompt reply from their commercial director stating – “Zara has no immediate plans of entering India. Yes we do have plans but not before another 4-5 years. Inditex has an elaborate procedure to tie-up with a partner as a franchise.” Today I realise how focussed they were. Exactly 5 years later they are hear and that too with a giant of a venture partner – The TATA Group.ZARA opened it’s first flagship store on the 28th of May at the Select City Walk (a great mall for High-Street Labels) and on the following two days, i.e Saturday and Sunday, they sold out all stocks. My friend Arjun Sawhney who handles the ZARA account told us that Day1 sales were Rs. 50 lakh plus. 2nd Day was better. Gawd!!! And yes, don’t forget that every 15 days new merchandise is introduced by ZARA in all their stores.

At this rate our desi designers who sell Contemporary Wester Wear will have a tough time. I did a huge story on this topic for The Sunday Guardian few months back and it was well received.

Another thing, Reliance Industries tied up with Diesel and launched tow stores in Mumbai. I personally went to their Juhu store and was saddened by the merchandise. I liked a Tee and asked for size M and they said, “Sorry, we only have Large”. Damn, this attitude on the 3rd day of the opening??? They should take some lessons from TATA & ZARA. Anyway people don’t have high expectations from RIL when it comes to Retailing.

Bravo ZARA!

42 thoughts on “ZARA Ne Le Li…

  1. Ravzz

    Commendable.. I hope they have enough stocks & sizes to cater Delhi crowd coz city anyways is liking for shopping to all Northern India.
    Cheers x

  2. Beth

    I was really disappointed in the stock at the Zara here though. I love to shop Zara in Austria. It’s inexpensive and too much to even look through in one outing and a good range of sizes. Here it’s a closet and everything in petite.

  3. hmmm

    Reliance is a joke when it comes to retail. They are penny wise pound foolish , companies which grow only by cost cuttings should not get into hi end glamour/fashion business. Diesel made a BIG mistake.

  4. Anthead

    Ok, I totally agree with Beth. I was shocked when I entered the store because the clothes didn’t feel Zara at all! The special thing about Zara is that even though it’s high street, a lot of their clothes have a polish and could totally pass off as high end.

    Alas, nothing in the Delhi store looked well-made. There was lots of polyester tat, shoddy workmanship, cheap-looking clothes made on the quick. And the prices – damn, this place was charging Zara prices for Forever 21 clothes!!

    However, the store was full when I went and there were more than a couple of very leggy models shopping for clothes.

  5. Stephen Lotha

    Zara is the one word stop-shop at the moment in India, thank God they have great looking clothes and affordable, retaining the essence of high street, and its no surprise you see half the other stores almost dreary and deserted, so what if its not as good as Zara Bangkok, Dubai, or whatever, its good enough a start and we have never seen anything like this before and the only way from here is up. thanks Zara, for the things we were missing.

  6. Twain

    Как хорошо было Адаму: когда он произносил что-нибудь умное, он был уверен, что до него никто этого не говорил.
    What a good thing Adam had. When he said a good thing, he knew nobody had said it before. (С) Twain
    Надеюсь, Вы поняли к чему я об этом……

  7. Fashion Inquisitive

    I don’t care for Zara, but you have a point there, I would rather buy from a good fast fashion brand than from Indian designers who make contemporary Western clothes, like on the casual side. Not worth it at all!

  8. Apeni Tungoe

    Yes,Zara is absolutely great and high speed in changing fashion,but in India you get only the obsolete ones..that too over rated with TAXE..unlike abroad Zara is for everyone considerd as a high street fashion so any and every common peopel buy and enjoying flaunting them around..

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