Tanisha Mohan piled on to reserved Media seat at Abu-Sandeep’s Show

tanisha mohan marc by marc jacobs collection launch 21 108x300 Tanisha Mohan piled on to reserved Media seat at Abu Sandeeps Show Obsessive Socialite Tanisha Mohan can go to any extent to be on the front-row at a fashion show. On the final day of Delhi Couture Week at Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla’s show our desperate Page 3 lady couldn’t manage a front-row seat. There were the likes of Dimple Kapadia, Rinkie Khanna, Nikhil and Nitasha Nanda, Suzanne Roshan, Kalyani Chawla, Orient Craft’s Dhingra with his lovely daughters, Sobha De and other Abu-Sandeep loyalists. Obviously Tanisha couldn’t fit in to that league. So what does our lady do? She crosses over to the other side of the ramp to the section exclusively reserved for Media and plonks herself next to Umesh Jivnani. In fact Umesh thought Tanisha wants to jump across on to the vacant seat on the second row but poor guy didn’t know that the obsessive socialite would die than be seated in the 2nd row.

 Tanisha Mohan piled on to reserved Media seat at Abu Sandeeps Show But there are some real cool people too at Fashion Shows. At Pallavi jaikishan’s show, Nitasha Nanda came late and saw her seat already grabbed. Without making a fuss, she walked up to the 4th row and sat there and watched the show. This is called Class. What say you???

12 thoughts on “Tanisha Mohan piled on to reserved Media seat at Abu-Sandeep’s Show

  1. Anthead

    She’s such an embodiment of tacky nouveau riche crass behaviour that she’s actually entertaining.

  2. zaara khan

    my god thats the best bullshit i hv heard in a long time!i was right there in the afternoon when umesh invited her n so was sandeep.Everyone knows that whoever ds not pay you you trash.i wonder if all ur stories are full of crap.manav also said u trash him bcoz he ds not pay you.i knw this will not be put on the net but jaideep atleast get ur facts right.everyone saw t come n sit noi questn abt her from across. i love that girl n i think she is one hot diva.unlike a lot of other pg 3 ppl who speak so much filth abt you she has nvr said a wrd but then i guess your bullshit advisors see u as a sucker for writing shit. i will tell my editor to speak with umesh coz i am a witness to the invite.wow ur site shd be called jaideep the liar

  3. Anthead

    Zaara hon, Tanisha’s desperate attention-seeking tackiness is all on public record (in newspaper supplements practically every day). People can make up their own minds even without reading what Jack has to say about her. I kind of like her because she’s very entertaining in her own delusional, fashion disaster, upstart way.

  4. Rinku

    I just want to know what do you have for or against Tanisha? to be following her movements so closely? [ I love what you write about her ;)]

  5. Anon

    Dear Jaideep Ghosh,

    I have read your views on the social scene in HT City before you started your blog. I have to say that though the internet gives many people the anonymity to vent at will, you have chosen to identify yourself and own up to your views, which is remarkable. No doubt your ease with mixing inside gossip and poisonous repartee is something that many readers wait for with drool-bowls at hand.

    However, consider this. When you are no longer at your apogee, and when you look back at the body of work you’ve created through our long and lip-smackingly witty (and dare I say it, hackle-raising) career, it makes me curious what you will think. Will all this lead you to becoming a comfortable, old man? you’re not getting any younger (or getting any, for that matter). And while what you write now may create ripples cross society, what really are your motives?

    It’s not my intention to scare you with old age and the debilitation it brings, and it’s OBVIOUS that you’ve made peace with your conscience a long, long time ago. I simply want to know how you sleep at night.

    Reply if you will,

  6. fourwheeler tires

    Eating, loving, singing and pooping are, in actuality, the four acts of the mirthful opera known as the freshness, and they pass like bubbles of a grit of champagne. Whoever lets them break without having enjoyed them is a entire fool.

  7. jack Post author

    Justforyou, I have no motives except telling things as they are.
    I m already old and as of now, I get a good sleep.

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