Why did Avneesh Sood & Tithi Split?

Avneesh and Tithi Sood have separated. If you don’t know who they are, well Avneesh is the scion of Eros Group, a real estate company that is also into Hotels. Avneesh actively looks after the Shangri La property.

Many would think that Avnessh’s ne found love, his Maserati may be the cause of the rift. You know boys get engrossed with their toys! But no, here a bitchy lady caused the split. Apparently Avneesh and that bitchy woman were kinda caught red-handed by Tithi. Ooops, why can’t the guys be a little more discreet?

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  1. I looked up Avneesh and the very first web page that comes up are his posts on Team BHP (a website I love by the way, it has the coolest Indian roadtrip stories) about his cars. He’s obviously very passionate about his cars. It would have been so much better for Tithi’s sake if he had stuck to his car obsession.

  2. everyone i suppose knows that happens in the suite at shangri’la when avneesh is there. A new girl every hour???

  3. This creep once chatted with me almost 10 yrs back and asked for a “discrete relationship”!! that time he was already married to poor Tithi….he said he would get me a job in his hotel in Australia in return for u know wat…the asshole had to be kicked!

  4. Bullshit why do women always getaway with murder. She is a well known troublemaker Poor av.

  5. but he was not married before !0years babes>>>>>>>…………………must be some more reasons behind the split

  6. She was always after men cars and booze . Nothing stops these wannabeeees . They go back where they come from

  7. Hi guys. Pls spare all this crap. I have knwn the guy since 10 years. He’s one of the most genuine guys u will ever knw in delhi. Evn hving all this money and al it hasn’t gone in his head unlike his eststranged wife tithi gilautra. She changed the day she got married to him. Tortured him blckmailed him fr gifts jewellwery money. No matter wht he did fr her it ws never engh. As far as ppl bitching abt him well rich young goodlookin guy with everything goin. Ppl will talk. Dnt knw wht u guys talking abt but he shd be given a prize to be married to tithi fr soooo longgg. She suspects him with every woman he says heelo to a party. Give him a break. He might be a flirt but I knw hw men r and if it cmes to him. Wellll. Sour grapes fr women who can’t have him. Tithi is awell known psycho sell obssesed over possesive woman in this society who’s just seen money in the last few years coming frm a middle class family. Guys give him a break. Tht woman is mentall. I have met her and she thinks no end of herself. She thinks she’s sme queen. M sure lot of women wld want to be in her shoes. Av u hang in thr sweets. U rock !!!!! U nvr were a society fake socialite. :*

  8. Avneesh we all love yu. Only the ones who knw him closely knws he’s a child at heart. Poor guy got stuck with the wrong girl. Ppl get a life. Knw him first. He’s stuck in between sharks. Av u dnt say anything. Ko ur dignity. Thiese sites are just gossips. Fl bad fr u. Will she eveer leave u ???????????? Hahaha. Love and god bless. !

  9. wellllll i dont understand why men to be blameddddd,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tithi is a well known butterfly of society go n check out about her…………..truth will come out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if a man doesnt find the wife at home nicely what would he do /////////////////////////////////////////////?????????????/think you all so called critics ………..relations are based on both ways ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if wanna know must know about his women called tithi begum

  10. God bless both. They maybe whtever. But they were never good together. They might be happier aftr divorce. Taali ek haath se nhi bajti. They shldve gone their own ways long time ago

  11. She’s not soo bad. Wish her all the best. Women get overpossesive but she’s a pretty girl and I’m sure will find smeone else and settle down. God bless u tithi.

  12. Tithi shd move on. She’s young attractive. Can find smeone nice. I’ve heard she doesn’t leve him

  13. He sold his soul fr her,,,,,,,,,,,,,wsnt enough ,,,,,,,,,,,,,now she wnts his blood Stp it. Thr iz. More to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lk fr peace and lv …………… It’s 4 free.

  14. Such is life !!! It teaches us a lot. Nothing is more important than,,,,,,,,,,,, peace within yourself ,,,,,,,,,,, let go of your egooooooo let go of each other when. ,,,,there is no happiness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no peace,,,,,,,,,,,no love,,, no hope,,,,,,, no future. ,,,look for,,,,,,,happiness.

  15. Dear Taniya , Madam Priya Jain is completely A- Sexual (those who r not interested in sex) . She is not interested in marriage with a Man but yes with money might be ! I like her fair face followed by dark body. lol

  16. priya jain needs a life coach, personal trainer, career counseller, professional matchmaker, make up artist, personal shopper and a shot of vodka. poor girl needs someone to take care of her. looks like her elder two sisters havent lived up to their role. calling her a fat society desperate slut isnt necessary. she’s definitely a-sexual.

  17. Priya jain is a respected girl from a rich family and is not on the road .there family owns qutab hotel fifty percent shares and plus luxour grp.so taniya u seem the frustated slut who is just pure jealous period.

  18. AV is a nice guy. Pure heart.wish he gets smeone simple n nice. Tithi well ,,she should get whtever she’s looked fr all her life if wht she’s got isn’t enough.. I have had the chance to spk to the guy few times. He’s different. But one thing is thr. He’s a giver a child. Lost in an ocean of sharks. He’s deeply hurt shattered. He still wishes tithi well which amazes me. Thr is a diff aura abt him. He needs to practice calm. Tithi I have met. But. Cnt say mch…god bless both

  19. heyyy guys why are you wasting time to talk about these society people????????????????????//its their life they know better what they are going through we all have a dark side,,,,we must think about other things in society which are bad like drugs,,,,dirty plays,,,why to waste our energies to talk about others ways n living,,,,,,,,,,they both may be wrong but for their own if good they still for themselves only,,,,,,,,,,,so go on live our lives

  20. Whr is avneesh ? I don’t see the guy anywhere ? Is he alive ? T still has been seen at sme parties fluttering aroundd. Shows who

  21. His one liners r amazinggg. Haha. Mr shayaar majnu. Always been looking fr smeone in his life. Hope he gets tht smeone one day. His fb status used to read soul searching since few years. Soul searcher soul searching. As if he’s waiting looking fr smeone he had lost. Strange majnu shayar. Hahaha. But smethng abt this guy

  22. Catchy smells like a black nigger maar ratt. Who’s’s he with ? We wld love to knw. He’s not seen anywhr at parrties these days.

  23. Any women fm delhi interested in marrying him ????? Pls contact shagrila concierge or information desk. Hahahahah jokeee:p

  24. whoever wanna get touch with him call fortdesk at sangrila and he is there for all anytime of day/night

  25. Whts wrong with yu frustro women get a life !!!! He aint interested in noone now. Met him just a few days ago. Seems to be ok without anyone. He’s slimmed up so mch. Woneder wht he’s doing

  26. He is Interested in Noone? are u sure… looks he has all time in world for gals..look at his facebook additions….looks he is slimmed frm smoking…

  27. Bichaara phass gaya dilli ke jungle mein. He’s not a delhi ite. He might be interested in marriage but he doesn’t seem to like ppl in delhi anymore. Doeant talk mch to any ……….

  28. i dont think phas gaya dilli mein… He is on a look out always !!!! I think he wants someone to be a proper Maid for his daughter rather then wife….need comments

  29. You all are wasted demented girls. Leave them to there own destiny. No one wants unpleasantness in life. This is there karma. As for av neesh wanting a maid for a wife then don’t u think tithi wasd already there. Take a break. Both are going through trauma in life. Stop making fun and broadcasting nonsence.

  30. ??? Maid ?? I’m sure He has plenty of staff. Haha. Anybody would be better than tithi gilautra. He won’t go fr just anyone. I’m sure on that. Ill go fr him. Hahaa. Av u there ???? He’s a good guy by heart

  31. I think he has been looking for Bollywood females frm long but for 1 night stand … Now he and serious looks unbelievable.

  32. Hello Guys n Gals ..av neesh has beeen in gud company now .. has been seen around like kishan kanhaiya looking for gopis

  33. hes half maid so is tithi…….simply 2 folish people who cudnt manage they lifes…even after the break up i am surpriced to see how av is always on the luk for a new girl…….hes a physo can go to any extend to get a women to bed ……..having said that tithi is no less all she wanted was good life she never bothered for av needs his expectation……they marriage had to end.av shd learn from dis experience n act more responsiblely now…..

  34. He’s been with tooo many. Tithi ws never a good wife to him. I’ve seen tht at social do’s. She ws too proudy n rude to ppl. He atleast use to meet everyone humbly being a quiet person. She deserved to be kickeddd. Only a super woman can make this man tame. Hahaha. He is a bit diff

  35. He’s is not half mad… he is mad bipolar sleeping with a new women almost every week.. Name a women how he has not slept in Sangrila…Also the new model frm mumbai is the new crush…

  36. He’s is bipolar .. and who knows he has how many women around…Latest Mumbai model who was in sangrila with him

  37. Dnt think he’s bipolar. He’s a sweet person. Whtever mental problems he’s had is cause of tht money hungry woman tithi gilautra. She’s sucked his blood out. Hw mch has this woman taken frm him ??? Anyone knws. Gold diggersss

  38. no can never believe av is a bipolar hes a nice person.he was not like this 9 years ago not even so after he got married atleast for the first few years i think the more thiti tried to suppres him the more he strayed.whatever he is today is due to thitis over bossy style she thought she wud b able tp control his mind.he was a flirt agree he was always a little naughty but thats all with time hes become so unlike himself i hav myself gone thru ups n down of life n at that time av bothered to b in touch n wish well without expecting anything. he can never b a bipolar god bless u av wish u find someone simple who helps u lead a normal hapy life n u soon get out of this mess whatver people say i wud always remember u as a kind humble n quiet person it wud b easier for m that ways

  39. Guys n Gals its been party time for Av. Now he shall realise the one he is eying on is so like his ex wife..Only After his money.
    How many guys at same time..As he has many girls .
    AV Beware..

  40. This guy keeps fluctuating ….:)))). If he keeps fit. He’ll be a lady killer… He’s got it all it takes ….. He’s any womans dream man. But he shd keep away frm delhi women. Tjhey r vultures. Money hungryyyyyyyyyy. Cme to me mr sood. Ill show u passion love fire compassion. I want u trim n slim. U can do it if u be with me darlin. U need a woman like me to handle u. X
    Luv D
    Xxxx :)))))))))))))))))). I’m not frm delhi :p

  41. Not only 30 crores but the plush bunglow on the same road where you have Rohit’s (Rohit/Rahul).
    Tithi’s been always a joker kind of wanabe whose antiques wanted to match ala some Marlund Monroe.
    Such a thiggni dwarf’y queen of NOTHING. She has beautiful face but nothing beyond that.
    Even everyOne’s so called AV confessed this to me when I caught him red handed with Sheetal MafatLal when that thief’y thief’y poor MAFATLAL girl was totally pissed by AV’s typical body fat smell.
    She was their in Delhi for her VALENTINO showRoom opening which is now closed in ShangriLa.
    But later that same nite after yuck experience with AahVNeesh poorMAFATLAL settled for some coke with Sasha Sippy and demured (read as reserved) herself with Sasha for “that” special NIRVANA.
    Coke & whole night.
    You know this concoction naaa 🙂
    But then even Madhu Sood never leaves even a driver.
    Akshay to gay hai hi….
    Khoon hi kharaaab hai inn Sood’s ka.
    Aur phir bhookhe gharon ki koi butterFly Titthi laaoge to yehi hoga.
    More spit.
    Jai ho Soods ki.
    This is part 1 from my side.
    Need more thoughts?

    HisSs his hi’s’
    Aapki desspo Lullee Langhri bhooki bewafa bhukkad bhulaayi bissri,
    101% KambaKhat, badNaam,
    Aapki ‘hi’ GoD_ShaReeF,
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai???

    And I am surprised with so many slutty thinkers for this post where they are desperately dying to date or to sleep with this sweaty smelly big bulgy rat of Titthi Sood’s life. So called AV.
    Ye thoda bhi handSome hota, saaf hygeine hota to…
    Titthi kabhi bhi bewafaai nahi karrti. One day she told me this…
    What ever you say but she was the cleanest one. Like fresh whiff of air.
    But these above mentioned thinkers can go to any length because AV has got money.
    But no class and not even thinkers are classy.
    Street dogs are better!!!
    Thoo (more SPIT)

  42. Welllllll he is hounchback also huhuhu he looks yukkkkkkk dirty pimply face ,,,,,,,,,,spitttttttt……kubda hei woh

  43. Yes he is yukkkk,,,,,,,,,,,even in here good comments r written by him only m sure,,,,,what a family of soods ,,,,madhu sood whatever she is,,,avneesh kubda gandi soorat,,,,parshant gay hehehe,,,,,,,why would any good girl want to marry such shit?……..he looks like big heap of filth only,,,,,,,,,,n yes hats of to u God shareef you wrote so rightttttt

  44. He is realy an moron,,,,,,pasting his selfies all the time as if he is the best looker!,,,,,,,for heavens sake smbody go and tell him,,,he is ugly stinky bulky man with no brains,,,only his dads money work for him.he himself cant even buy a silver chain lozzzzzzzz. I heard he thinks of himself holliwoodia,,,,he is ghatia,,,,aaaaaakthoooooooo avneesh sood