Is it Legal to Sell & Buy Exotic Leather Goods in India?

Folks I am not so well versed on this – if it is a legit business to sell Exotic Leather goods in India. Informed readers of this blog are requested to throw light on this.

Sonam Kapoor bought a Salvatore Ferragamo Stingray Razza Long Clutch from the Ferragamo Store in DLF Emporio in New Delhi and for, which she was scrupulously overcharged by Rs.15,000 by the Store management. I mentioned about Sonam getting fleeced by Ferragamo, India in this Blog but Soam didn’t care to bother. Agree she’s making enough money to ignore a paltry 15 grand but on the hindsight, possible that she kept mum because she bought an Exotic Stingray clutch, which may not be a legal thing to do.

I think dealing in Exotic Leather Goods is not Legal or else why would Louis Vuitton store in Delhi be raided few years back???

It’s not just Salvatore Ferragamo that may be selling Exotic Leather Goods. I myself saw premium De Grisogono watches in Stingray Leather Straps.

If this is all illegal, we must bring it to the notice of the authorities.

14 thoughts on “Is it Legal to Sell & Buy Exotic Leather Goods in India?

  1. John

    I am sorry but this is not correct, I work for a luxury brand and we can import skins into india and have all the necessary formalities for the same. You can import species and skins in India which were never available in the country for example a certain species of croc, ostrich and anaconda (not python).

    I know a brand which is selling the above mentioned exotic skins quite freely since they have the necessary supportings available. Brands selling it unofficially have basically not researched the same and are not willing to use the right channel etc.

  2. Anita

    This illegal activity is carried on in salvatore ferragamo stores across India – thanks due to prasanna bhaskar.
    She gets these exotic products and forces the staff to sell it at a higher price just to meet targets.
    This is no way of doing business . Targets are a part of each job profile but there has to be an ethical way of achieving them.
    Its high time that such crooks like prasanna are handed over to the police so that luxury brands in India can survive and sustain in this developing economy with their Pride & Heritage..

  3. Elfriede Mcarthun

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  5. lea

    Dear John,

    As a trade officer as the French Trade Commission, I am helping a French company to find Indians buyers of exotic leather (mostly crocodile and alligalor skins). I am off course talking of legal imports.

    Could you please give me contacts regarding that matter?

    Best Regards,

    Lea Desportes
    [email protected]

  6. Aasi

    please could someone let me know what all formalities do we need to do, if I want to import and trade leather goods in India.

  7. Haafil

    you people can verify the CITES mark for the species whtere India has signed with that International organisation.

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