Somebody put his Wife at Stake in a Card Party. Uffff…..

Baapji aka Priest, a regular reader of this Blog shared some scandalous information on things that happens in Delhi’s high-society card parties. Here is a modern day Mahabharat!

Baapji wrote:

” I have heard somebody lost his wife in pre -diwali cards for a 2 days holiday at a cards party in Maharani Bagh. They actually call it a friendly move but had to disclose this to discourage this move. Sorry L*mb* and B*wa.”

I think Baapji is referring to one Lamba and Bawa. Any idea who these modern day Yudhistir, Duryodhan and Draupadi are???

5 thoughts on “Somebody put his Wife at Stake in a Card Party. Uffff…..

  1. StraightForward

    nobody can put his wife at stake if the wife is not equally “open minded” — wat about the “cheer haran”? maybe on its way in the form of an mms :))

  2. bitsyWitsy

    L & B & Wife may not be too disturbed about any of this, yeh toh aam baat hai in Delhi. What about the idiot fellow who lost 1.5 crore in a single hand? he must be kicking himself.

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