Ravi Bajaj tied the knot!

Dandy designer Ravi Bajaj ain’t single no more…well that’s what an insider told me.

Apparently Mr. Bajaj has tied the nuptial knot in a civil marriage in Las Vegas with his long-time companion, Binti Malhotra who handles the Marketing & Communication aspects of the label Ravi Bajaj. 

Congratulations Ravi and I hope she must be the one who makes the best Espresso and knows the ideal temperature at which one needs to serve your favourite champagne – VCP!

4 thoughts on “Ravi Bajaj tied the knot!

  1. Anthead

    So, umm…he’s straight? No not starting any rumours, I genuinely have no idea about Mr. Bajaj’s preferences.

  2. Anonymous

    Binti Malhotra originally from Kanpur and family friends daugher. Her sister is married to Archana Airways (earlier) Bhartiya family.

  3. rany

    Old is gold..and money attracts women…well done mr bajaj..still i pity the poor girl who now has no future…

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