Liz Taylor was a friend of godman Chandraswami & so is Preity Zinta

Elizabeth Taylor, the Hollywood icon who recently passed away had a strong India-Connection. Liz was an ardent follower of the disgraced godman, Chandraswami. She met Chandraswami in one of his numerous trips to the US when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Those were the hay-days of Chandraswami and he had powerful friends across the […]

Imagine the furore if Bunga-Bunga scam would had happened in India

Photos from Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister’s infamous “bunga bunga” parties have been leaked, and they’re … kind of sizzling. Imagine the scene at Lok Sabha if any top Indian Parliamentarian was involved in such a sleazy scam… Old Man-Berlusconi reportedly likes his ladies dressed as sexy Santas is also a fan of the sexy cop, […]

Prince William’s Handbag is soooo Pretty

In October last year spotted Adi Godrej holding on to wifey, Parmeshwar Godrej‘s red handbag as they were walking in together for the premiere of Rajnikanth’s Robot. I wondered if that’s what ideal Pati Parmeshwars do… Now Prince William was spotted with pretty neon green handbag while touring Queensland, Australia. Surprisingly his Princess, Kate […]