Bollywood and Drugs

Just a couple of days back, I mentioned in my last post about rampant substance abuse by Bollywood stars.

Guess what? Recently an upcoming star who hails from ‘Indian Cinema’s true-blue First Family’ was nabbed by cops from Bandra Police Station with possession of illegal drugs. It didn’t come to me as a surprise as many insiders from Bollywood talk about this rising star (whom his co-star thinks can be a great condom ambassador) and his drug habit. In fact he himself accepted in a glossy about indulgence with Marijuana in college days.

The matter was hushed up yet again by a battery of lawyers and a popular Blog that did talk about this Hero being caught by Bandra Police for drugs, the Blogger was hounded by the filmstar’s lawyers.

I am sure you know who I am talking about!

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  1. Of course we all know who it is after that episode on Koffee with Karan except I was so hoping he wasn’t into any of these… sigh..
    On the aside, I love this blog. Great work!!!

  2. oh dear. I used to really like him before…then one episode of a chat show changed his image…and now i read he’s a druggo on top of being a player?

  3. He should look at what a toss Charlie Sheen’s career is going for and stay off the white powder. Cocaine is a helluva drug. Am I the only one who totally doesn’t get his appeal? He’s just not hot, has no charisma and the only thing going for him is his famous family name.

  4. I guess he is taking his role in Rockstar very seriously. He is trying to get under the skin of his character, which is based on the life of Kurt Cobain. We all know how Cobain’s life ended…

  5. so does that mean that katrina is also doing drugs? since they are rumored to be dating?

  6. @shock…hahaha well they aren’t dating anymore 😉 celebs seem to change partners more regularly than anything else it seems