Eventually it’s All about Drugs

article 1205384 024E9B0E000004B0 446 468x566 150x150 Eventually its All about Drugs marc jacobs naked stephen sprouse bag harpers bazaar 2 de 311661931 234x300 Eventually its All about Drugs Alexander McQueen killed himself with an overdose of drugs and now it seems that the other famous, or should I say infamous Brit designer, John Galliano’s outburst at the Paris cafe was fueled by drugs. Yves Saint Laurent died fighting his drug problem, Gianni Versace met his killer at one of his coke binges and Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein accept their drug problem. Drugs seem to be the biggest scourge of the fashion world. Yet fashion courts drugs! 3742059102 bd782f1bf2 300x200 Eventually its All about Drugs Remember the era of Heroin Chic & Rehab Chic? Dior better consider Heidi Slimane’s drug problem before signing him on as his name is doing the rounds.

medium kate moss cocaine 228x300 Eventually its All about Drugs Galliano’s friends; rather experienced substance-abusing friends, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have advised him to check-in to the high-profile rehab – The Meadows! Kate Moss managed to resurrect her career post getting caught sniffing cocaine on camera and I think Galliano too will bounce back surely because of his immense talent. 

Rough Guide to Bollywood LO1 300x65 Eventually its All about Drugs Hope our desi fashion fraternity realises the peril of substance abuse. However more than Indian Fashion, I feel it is Bollywood that would sooner or later crumble because of rampant drug abuse. I can count names on my fingers of stars who DON”T sniff cocaine. Most do, and when you spill the beans they go ballistic screaming from TV Channels and sending legal notices to poor scribes about us trying to taint their image. I too got a legal notice and mouth full of abuses from one such Bollywood’s (fading) Star. But then I care a Damn!

2 thoughts on “Eventually it’s All about Drugs

  1. jooce

    Ummm…. Ok…. so you can send him to Meadows and help him get rid of his drug-addiction but who is gonna clean his racist mind???
    What a shame – such talent breeding in such a dirty mind! Some say he’s a sad clown but I think he is a true enfant terrible of the fashion world.
    This is a very well-deserved kick in the butt for him..!!

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