Imitation is the Best form of Flattery

A faithful reader of wrote back a flattering comment. I don’t know his/her name but thanks mate!

Here’s the verbatim of Fashion Inquisitive:

Fashion Inquisitive

[email protected]

Dear Jack,

Your posts are being repeatedly plagiarised by Bombay Times and Midday Mumbai. Imitation is the best form of flattery, congratulations?

My heart goes out to designer Rohit Bal, mending a broken heart sucks!

5 thoughts on “Imitation is the Best form of Flattery

  1. Gauri
    Can be easily figured out why Preity Zinta wud be giving so many press releases. No unpaid media will use different photos in every release when they are criticising her nobody will use words like sizzling or beautiful which she is not.

    Publicity – is a part of it creating and then refuting the controversy AS MEDIA HORE remaining in news. However more important is back in 2009 she had mallified Burman and Wadia over the SA brawl by giving press releases in India – brawl, beaten up, molested a woman etc etc. Someone had questioned her about that so this year she is taking opportunity to prove it wrong by playing the same game on herself? Could u have imagined this… Well not. Tell that Burman and Wadia if u have any clout with them that its a matter of time – they are in for big trouble!.

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