Pippa Takes off Her Shirt

pippa middleton royal wedding 07 110x300 Pippa Takes off Her Shirt Prince William And Kate Middleton Wedding Kiss 300x202 Pippa Takes off Her Shirt Now Pippa Middleton is no stranger. The day she walked down the aisle at Westminister Abby with her sister Catherine Middleton in a hip-hugging McQueen gown by Sarah Burton, the world and Prince Harry took notice of her taut and round buttocks. She has overnight become the ‘Poster Girl’.

Now somebody discovered an old picture of Pippa, the 27-year-old sister of Duchess Catherine stripped down to her bra and jiggling her bootie with a scantily-clad dude. PIPPA MIDDLETON TOPLESS SHIRTLESS 300x299 Pippa Takes off Her Shirt kate middleton bikini prince william 134x300 Pippa Takes off Her Shirt As if there was any doubt about it, it appears that Pippa Middleton knows how to have a good time! Check out Kate’s taut body in a bikini too!

One thought on “Pippa Takes off Her Shirt

  1. Shakeel

    When they were together also they never cozied up, how preposterous it is to read the recent Zinta tirade of press releases and videos where she insists they cozied up…yeah right when they arent even on talking terms!! Using old pics and fitting in new videos. Zinta pays for yellow journalism to thrive. How can journos print such lies? Isnt this violation of journalism rules? If u recall when the break up was announced in April 09 she lashed out at Midday saying she will sue Parag and Kunal for the lies when it was true all along. Shouldnt she be sued for the lies she spreads now? And what is the motive of spreading such complete lies?

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