Shahrukh says, “Main Ghodi Aur Ladki par Nahin Chadta”!

On this summer  afternoon Shahrukh Khan was addressing the Press as the Brand Ambassador of Tag Heuer at The Oberoi Hotel. A lady scribe asked SRK about some kissing scene with Kareena Kapoor in his forthcoming film – RA-ONE. Trying to give a smart-ass reply, Shahrukh kinda blabbered the truth by saying, “Main Ghodi aur Ladki par Nahin Chadta!” Definitely the reply was humourous but very-very true. Wonder why SRK doesn’t like Horse Riding. Some say he is scared while others feel that since Salman Kan loves Horse Riding, SRK doesn’t.

I need not talk about sexual preferences of SRK. It’s an open secret floating around for years. Now with , “Main Ghodi aur Ladki par Nahin Chadta’, SRK may have uttered the truth. Waddya say folks???

9 thoughts on “Shahrukh says, “Main Ghodi Aur Ladki par Nahin Chadta”!

  1. shock

    I’m not Indian and I can’t read Hindi. Do you mind translating please? Thank you 🙂

  2. ravathy

    do u actually mean it……
    i mean he cant be gay…comeonnnnn!!
    ppl say that for jack nicholsan too…but that does not mean that floating rumors should be accepted so wholeheartedly..
    cant believe…

  3. Tab

    Now this is interesting, after the Bidappa hullabaloo! Once in an interview, interviewer had asked him the post-kal-ho-na-ho thing, he replied, “I am try-sexual. Whatever I find sexy, I try that” lol 😀

    But in the current ghodi-lardki statement, vice versa might be true 😉

  4. aks

    What the hell was he thinking? Trying too hard to be funny, I guess. Gee Shah, felling all intelligent, are we?

  5. Alcie

    So are the rumours about him and PC fake? Jack, please confirm if Ranbir is gay? 😛 Thanks!

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