Wannabe Socialite Yet Again Piles On to a Front-Row Seat Shamelessly

Some People never grow up; never learn!

On Saturday at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011 when Ramona Narang and Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna were showcasing their collections at The Taj Palace Hotel, this Page 3 obsessed self-proclaimed socialite walks in without a bonafide front-row seat and eyes for a vacant coveted front-row seat. There were non available. Her friends quietly sat on the seats available on the second row but this wannabe socialite won’t. It is demeaning to her ‘stature’. Hahaha! Come on, if you really deserved one, a front-row seat would had been reserved for you. Why don’t you get this simple fact in your head. 

So what does this Wannabe Socialite do? Well she walks up to FDCI Prez, Sunil Sethi (known for his big-heart) and pleads to him to accommodate her. Poor guy had no choice but to oblige and let the Wannabe Socialite park her big derriere on his front-row seat. We couldn’t help but laugh at it all and pity Sunil Sethi who was really uncomfortable throughout the show. Grow up lady.It’s not the first time you have been piling on to others’ seats in the front-row. Once you shamelessly grabbed a ‘Media’ seat and many a times squeezed yourself between people making every one uncomfortable.

Delhi’s self-confessed socialites are becoming shameless by the day. At the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out at DLF Emporio, there were hordes of Gatecrashers at the After-Party at Setz. Designers too gatecrashed and so did another wannabe socialite with a group of 10. Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor were denied but some pushy designers and socialites managed to push in. I fail to understand why would one like to go where they aren’t invited?

At the same Vogue Fashion’s Night Out after-party there was a couple, a typical case of Delhi’s show-off walas. This couple – Pernia Qureshi and Arjun Prasad booked the Private Dining Room (PDR) at SETZ very well knowing that the place is booked for VNO’s after-party. They – Pernia and Arjun were seen pulling in people at the PDR. Saw them pulling in JJ Valaya and Suneet Varma who were there for the Vogue party and not for this show-offs Private Dinner. Tch-Tch…things people do to show-off. After all pop-in-law’s wealth doesn’t prick Arjun Prasad to hold lavish dinners just to show off!

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  1. This wannabe is never gonna change. I actually now feel sad for her. Heard that she had a restaurant guy stuck to her at the show like her pet….Is he the new one now ? Will she ever stop ? Does all this even affect her ?

    She really needs to learn few tips from other socialites how to age gracefully and stay in dignity.

  2. Jack you seem to have missed out on how Kalyani Saha and her live-in boyfriend, Rohit Aggarwal disappeared to the outdoors at Setz at the Fashion’s Night Out after-party when Soni Aggarwal (estranged wife of Rohit Aggarwal) walked in with the family.
    In fact Soni messaged Rohit to hide when they were walking in. Poor couple – Kalyani and Rohit sweated it out in the outdoors in the sultry night.