Let’s See If You Can Identify This Stud

He is not a filmstar, nor a model, not even a high-profile industrialist. Yet he is a celebrity who resides in the Capital and well, he loves to pump iron and go cycling. He is a Bigshot courtesy his marriage to a Bigshot and enjoys the privileges that rare few even from Bollywood could dream of enjoying.

Can you do the guessing work and tell me who this guy is with six-packs and big-biceps???


15 thoughts on “Let’s See If You Can Identify This Stud

  1. raam

    Hush !!! Swaraj Kapoor i fell from my chair gosh, give us freedom from this wannabe s who are nothing but self acclaimed god knows what to call them, more ove thanks to DELHI TIMES buy anything it does not matter who you are add a tag to your self and get to fame, just pay some money
    we will do anything for money !!

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