Who is This? Bobby Darling???

Is this Bobby Darling?Oh no, I am so-so sorry. This is Anjalee Kapoor, the designer. Madam please do something about your fashion sense. What you are wearing doesn’t look good on you. I would say this is a Fashion Disaster. You guys (Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor) are loaded so why not hire a stylist? There’s nothing demeaning in hiring a stylist.

8 thoughts on “Who is This? Bobby Darling???

  1. kaushik

    i sincerely feel some of ur so called “hep” designers both male and females need tons of grooming in terms of their self clothing style and their presentation.

  2. kaushik

    even one of ur delhi’s model turn make up artist clothing style is so horrific that both public and media gets scary looking at her in every parties !

  3. Anthead

    Ha ha – even before Ritu’s guess I knew it had to be Meenakshi Dutt! Bless her she seems like a sweet woman, but she cannot dress or do her makeup for nuts! She’s a gorgeous woman and her makeup and style makes her look ghastly.

    As for Anjalee, this sort of OTT trashiness seems to be the hallmark of so many of our designers and socialites (looking right at you Pria Kataria).

  4. VK

    Here’s an idea for another post– the worst dressed designers. AK and PKP will certainly be on the list. Who else?

  5. VK

    AK– not Arjun Khanna, by no means can you call him worst dressed, AK is the person you’ve written about.

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