Year-End Roundups – Lists, Lists & More Lists

Come December and media goes into the usual dizzy of churning out Annual Roundups. We will be flooded by 2011’s Top Grossing Bollywood Movie, Top Song, Top Item Girl and To any damn thing.

I want to spice up the roundups and come out with lists on:

* 2011’s Worst Fashion Victims

* 2011’s Top Henpecked Husbands

* 2011’s Most Infamous Party-Crashers

* 2011’s Top Adulterers (Men & Women)

* 2011’s Famous Gold-Diggers

* 2011’s Celebrity Free-Loaders

I would love to have your suggestion on any and every of the categories listed above. Yeah let us have folks from the Metro Cities of India only. Please send me your recommendations and I assure you total confidentiality. Lets expose the Dirt of Delhi. Waddya say???

9 thoughts on “Year-End Roundups – Lists, Lists & More Lists

  1. lovegossip

    henpecked adi gorej robbie mohan amit burman
    worstdressed tanisha mohan anjalee kapoor amrita arora amrita rao
    golddigger shilpa shetty sridevi

  2. Bond

    What about the topmost celebrity expose – faker, liar, escort, stalker, spiker, blackmailer, extortionist, criminal….??

  3. Adarsh

    Best coming out story? KMB with PK or do you have a better one? List at least 3 please.
    Please post this POST ASAP – it will be your best and juiciest.

  4. Raj

    The most henpecked husband in the history of India has to be Shahrukh Khan.
    Gauri may not have any education, breeding, class, intelligence or wit but she wears the pants and pockets all the money that he rakes in. As he says she loves to buy things and if anything gets “used” at all she marches out an buys another expensive item right away and tosses the old one, and does this many times daily. No wonder he dances at weddings.

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