Noor’s B’Day Bash Was A Mess Thanks to ‘The Wannabes’

Pretty girl Noor Ansal recently celebrated her birthday at a non-descript joint in GK. Daughter of Navin Ansal and Raseel Gujral, Noor’s birthday bash surely arose expectations of a classy bash with classy folks that we have seen at Navin and Raseel’s  bashes. But alas Noor’s birthday party was a disaster.

But I don’t blame the girl. It’s the ever desperate Page3 wannabe siblingsVikaram Sharma (Baidyanath) and Pushpanjali Sharma who took it upon themselves to host Noor Ansal’s birthday at this unheard of pub called RaRa Avis in Greater Kailash. God knows if the wannabe siblings made some quick bucks by hosting Noor’s birthday at this new place in name of getting the owners some publicity…

Anyway the bash had few known faces like that of Amaan Ali Khan, Noor’s very-very good friend – Keshav Punj, the omnipresent model – Hasleen Kaur and Keshav Suri who all dodged the shutterbugs. The birthday went dry before midnight when the bar stopped serving booze. The owners – Lakra, Sharma and Chaudhary blamed it on some Excise problem. The kebabs that were the only finger-food that made the rounds were illusive too. Thank God the Sharmas brought a cake along and the birthday girl managed to do the customary cake-cutting ceremony.

Noor next time if you host a bash please do it on your own and make it as classy as your parents’ dos are!

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