Delhi Couture Week’s Most Shameless Gatecrasher

Every Fashion Week we find a new gatecrasher. The just concluded PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 too had one.

So who bagged the trophy for the ‘Most Shameless Gatecrasher’? Well it’s a guy from Bangalore. What’s his occupation? Nothing presently but last known occupation was at a Bank from where he was sacked. Oh yes his name is Jesh Wilson.

Wilson managed to get in to the shows courtesy some friends he made. But on the final day the gatecrasher became a shameless fraudster by claiming to be Fashion Television (FTV) journalist. He discreetly hid his Media Accreditation badge under his jacket. What do guys like him get by indulging in fraud just to see a fashion show???

Height of shamelessness was when Jesh Wilson gatecrashed into Varun Bahl’s birthday bash. Next morning he puts up pictures on Facebook from the party. So all this creepy act is just to flaunt on your Facebook that you are at the ‘IT’ Shows or ‘IT’ parties dear Jesh Wilson??? Get a life dude!


13 thoughts on “Delhi Couture Week’s Most Shameless Gatecrasher

  1. Krishna

    Ah, thank you so much for the expose. He has done the same at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive last week.

  2. PJ

    I know the guy. He is shameless. Know off him for years.
    He is someone who will email any and everybody esp. as he travels a lot. He is pompous, arrogant and has been in banking for years. He thinks he is God’s gift to this earth. Right w….

  3. shrimaan

    Hmm heard a lot about this guy…now that i have from u I kinda believe it! Btw,where is ur post about Ranbir Kapoor smoooching a girl? U seem to have become popular now that all newspapers r stealing ur story :p

  4. VK

    Jack– now you need to write a post on the posts you’ve had to pull out– without mentioning names of course. Also tell us about some of the people (without mentioning names again) who pressured you to remove what was written about them or their friends on FS. I’m sure there must be several who nagged, nagged and nagged you. And many must have threatened you of course 🙂

  5. Sang

    Jack, its really not done………. why did you erased the post about Ranbir Kapoor doing ahem! ahem! with that girl.. ‘Yes’ gal….. You definitely owe an explanation to us (read your loyal readers)…. we enjoy your website and u know this!! 🙂

  6. jack Post author

    Sorry Sang.
    Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank unleashed his vendetta against me. Be it legal notice or police or some influential people in Delhi. I withstood all those pressures until a very senior editor of a top newspaper made a request on his behalf.
    What to do? At times it is difficult to withstand pressures of these money bags. I bleed fighting these legal notices…I fight alone!
    Hope you understand.

  7. Sang

    OMG….. yeah I can understand….:( Hope all is well with you now….. I thought nobody knows your real identity… anyways, no prob… Love your blog…. 🙂 good wishes for you… :))

  8. Pritam

    it takes all kinds of people to make up this world … unfortunate if you meet him, he knows it himself wat kind of person he is … just that he thinks everyone is stupid to accept all the crap from him … well, jesh if you’re sitting down at the lonely corner remostrating what a crap person you are …. u truly suck you piece of trash!

  9. HJ

    After this article was published our dear friend of course started pointing fingers at his ex- coworkers for getting them all sacked. He’s a damn snake and if you still think his behaviour is cute then you don’t know him at all. Serve Merill Lynch right for employing this dik – heard their losses could be in the region of a 100 mil from the lawsuit!

  10. Kaiser

    you can’t believe how cheap this guy is, he often jumps into taxicabs with people whom he just met or complete strangers and upon reaching the destination n it comes time to pay the fare he will feign or distract the person so that he does not have to pay the fare. I wonder who’s the bitch that bore this highly irresponsible cheap worthless creep

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