Armani Bags Another Project After Lodha’s World Tower

Armani is enjoying the fruits of India’s booming real estate business. Last year Armani bagged their first project in Mumbai, The World Towers, developed by the Lodha Group, which is currently under construction. Now Giorgio Armani SpA has signed a new collaboration with Indian real estate company Supertech for the development of a 100 unit ARMANI TOWER in Mumbai.

Spread over 4,00,000 sq ft, the Armani Tower in Supertech’s luxury project Supernova, will comprise 100 luxury residential units. The interiors and furniture will all be done by Armani. Supertech is paying Armani a one-time fee for exclusive rights. The ‘exclusive rights’ deal prohibits Armani from tying up with any other north Indian developer for a similar concept.


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  1. d'costa says:

    people are starving on the streets of bombay, and these people open luxury 7 star hotels.

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