Who’s That Guy?

Folks here is an interesting photograph that fashionscandal.com wanted to share with you all. Could you identify the people in the photograph? I am not sure if the guy and the lady in this picture are together. The curvaceous woman can be a fellow vacationer.

Who's that Guy

Who’s that Guy

Eligible Bachelor

Eligible Bachelor

The guy is definitely one of the most powerful eligible bachelor. And I am not sermonizing anything here. A single eligible bachelor has all the freedom to take time off for a vacation and meet his friend/ girlfriend whenever he wishes. i am rather more curious to know about the voluptuous beauty!


9 thoughts on “Who’s That Guy?

  1. Lovely

    LOL Rahul Gandhi and Kim Kardashian! LOL!!!! Whoever it is, he clearly has a taste for the tacky!

  2. Rajaraviverma

    Kim kardashian look alike. Look at face closely. Sure Rahul Gandhi has good taste 🙂

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