slamthetorA regular reader of shared this piece of gup-shup with me. I too have heard similar stories from others. Yeah it seems B-Town is really having some totally unadulterated fun!

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yeh ‘F’ kaun hai jack? get the real dope on RK – Kat though….. someone who was at the after party of the Slam Concert told me that its very evident that all these folks sleep with each other.. so having an ‘open’ relationship is a given ( DP spent all night either dancing on the table top in the suite or sitting on SRK’s lap, AB and MAK were laying on the couch together hammered- eyewitness). This deal with RK-Kat has gotta be something else… partnership? convenience? 


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  1. Tina

    not hard to believe….RK and Kat, maybe Kat has something on RK..or maybe both of them like to get high…maybe RK is with Ayan instead and is using Kat as a beard! also Rishi is not that fond of their relationship, wonder what he thinks of all of this?

  2. Colossial

    SRK is still doing Casual sex. Dpad needs to control her drinking habits.Wondering what Gauri thinks of all these?

  3. Melody

    All this sounds like “Musical Chairs” to me – whichever lap is available, the ladies are sitting on that. Deepika, Malaika and Kat sure love this game. SRK has become a senile old man – the way he was promoting Jugni Ji on British Radio, it was so evident he’s lending his lap to Kanika Kapoor as well. Wifey seems busy with botox and stuff like that. All these women who rise up from plastic surgery tables (incl Gauri) and especially those whose rhinoplasty has gone wrong remind me of Michael Jackson. Heard a rumor about Madhuri Dixit as well – I thought she was good and sane…

  4. Mia

    I’m sure she’s got a plan. That is one extremely cunning girl with an extremely sordid past. He’s her ticket at an attempt for “normalcy” in the future. Whatever normal may mean for them.

  5. SS

    DP sure loves her alcohol- she was doing patron shots every time she would be backstage during the show. she was drunk the entire time from the time the show began until the after party ended. While RS loves his powder- at IFAA he was sick due to too much powder and refused to come to the red carpet, the offical doc at the IFAA had to help him recoup- DP was in his room the entire time.

  6. Pegandahat

    Jack, tell us why sussane and hrithik divorced? What went wrong between them? They looked so happy.. It just came so fast and yesterday they have been officially divorced.

  7. Z

    yah have heard about DP and her closeness to lot of ppl out there. oh btw, you have to give us some scoop on HR and Suz …something must have gone wrong really bad, just an yr ago, all these bffs (suz, meher, gauri and few other ladies ) use to hang out together all the time…now we dont see anyone except for meher and suz…around same time pc and srk thing was in news….few months later HR and suz were separated ..earlier Hritik was never seen with SRK at his parties , now suddenly he is seen everywhr…give us some scoop on it

  8. SS

    I guess this blind item in midday is hinting at Ameesha Patel and her business partner Goomer. Any idea who’s the model he dated for so long??

  9. ajk

    Sorry to butt in so late but according to very reliable sources this slam tour was actually a groupie bang bang tour! SRK, MAK along with an assistant director had quite a threesome night… And it is also said that SRK n Aishwarya Bachchan r also at it…I know this seems too preposterous to be true but to add fuel to the fire AB jr is well aware about it n has no objections!!

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