Mesmerised By ‘Fit N Fab’ Aishwarya

AshAishwarya Rai Bachchan looks fabulous in the song – Kahaaniya in Jazbaa. I have to accept that am smitten by the fit and fab Ash. Besides, I am very stingy with compliments and much more so with Aishwarya but what I saw was a beautiful Ash.

Ash2ash3In a body-hugging track-suit that provided no scope for concealing the slightest of bulge, she looked sexy like never before. The soft sensuality that Sanjay Gupta captured on the frames like a peek-a-boo cleavage, the firm butt, the silhouette of toned thighs and the shapely body and of course that beautiful face makes Aishwarya Rai look hottest ever.

And by the way Ash had no embarrassing ‘camel-toe’ moments. Way to go lady!!!

Here is the link to the video of Kahaaniya:


18 thoughts on “Mesmerised By ‘Fit N Fab’ Aishwarya

  1. GG

    did you see the latest pic of hers at some event. She finally ditched black or dark shades. she looks stunning in the white blazer. Aishwarya looks ethereal in minimum light shades of makeup and pastels.

  2. Real

    What I really want to know is about Kajol’s skin lightening. She’s gone the MJ way….can’t help wonder if it’s because of Ajay’s dalliances with Karishma and Kangana. Which would be a pity cause I always thought she was beautiful as is.

  3. Deepa

    @etios if she had to get any lipo done then 1st of all she would have done it ages ago …she had the guts to go to cannes with soo many people’s eyes on her critiqueing her post preg body…and 2nd she would have got the rest of the excess 10kgs she is still holding on to.So no i dont think she had had any work done. By saying she did is just taking away from her hard work.

  4. Etios

    @Deepa: Everyone and their dog knows she got Lipo done at 7 Hills and that is in both Film industry and Medical industry of Mumbai, being a fangirl is fine but don’t be a eye’s closed, ear’s closed fangirl singing La La La and she better work hard for the crores she earns for the so-called acting.

  5. dipti

    I cannot stand Aishwarya. Pretends as though her weight and what others say about her don’t matter to her. That she is not vain. Yet gives all conflicting statements which show her vanity and how things really bother her. Stresses in interviews about how ‘real’ she is, how ‘real’ her husband and her family are, how ‘real’ her interactions with her child are. Because she knows people call her fake. It is quite apparent she cares.

  6. SG

    lol..! Not just that.. Its the way she describes what she does. She calls her work ‘craft’ & describes it as ‘pieces of cinema’.!!! & tries to sound intellectual every single time but fails miserably. & YES she did get liposuction done.. and she is not on twitter not to make way for the Bachchan’s but because she just cant handle the comments. Btw, how in the world did Navya Naveli manage to get an entry into the Paris Debutante Ball?

  7. Lovely

    Jack. Any Jalsa insider news? Are Ash/Abhi set to split? Has Shweta Bachchan officially separated from her husband?

  8. whatever

    Jack, i think u r in Love with Aish. Hence, no comment. Lol. And where is God shareef ?? I’m missing his/her comments. 🙂

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