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I was forwarded a link by a fashionscandal.com reader:


Submitted on 2016/03/30 at 3:11 AM

Just search for Anu Mahtani ripoffreport and see the entry there. Black magic apparently

I got to agree that I was absolutely flummoxed after reading about Anu Mahtani’s supposedly ‘black magic’ spells on her now husband, Sanjay Hinduja in “Ripoff Report”. Here is the link to the story posted by a London-based ‘spell-caster’ on Ripoff Report: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Anu-Mahtani/nationwide/Anu-Mahtani-WARNING-BLACK-MAGIC-Dangerous-woman-London-Nationwide-1179454

Good-lord…this dope is too scandalous even for me. You guys read and decide for yourself.
kanika_anuKanika Kapoor is very upset about this post on Anu Mahtani Hinduja.
By the way here is something about Kanika’s legal fight over more money from her former husband: @jack..no wonder she and Kanika are friends, btw here is an article on her http://familylawhub.co.uk/default.aspx?i=ce4444

12 thoughts on “‘Black Magic Woman’ – Anu Mahtani Hinduja???”

  1. Etios says:

    Doubt black magic had anything to do with the marriage but this shows what all people plan and scheme to get rich, imagine what all she would have done apart from this idiotic magic thingy to marry HInduja and the most frightening thing is wishing for quick death LOL. Now, unless she herself gives him a push off the cliff or poisons with a unidentifiable poison, the Hinduja medical team will not allow him to die so quickly.

  2. Etios says:

    If anyone reading this has contact with the Hindujas then do share this with them or jack maybe you can use your contacts. Accidents and clever poisons may be difficult to get for common folks but for someone with money and that dedication, there is a good possibility of executing such a plan.

  3. SG says:

    lol.. Thats not the only ripoff report about her. She has been accused of buying her kaftans at a local store in Mumbai & selling as her designs, money laundering on google & threatening to expose Hinduja’s “secret” if he doesnt marry her!!!! Here are the links: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Anu-Mirchandani/internet/Anu-Mirchandani-A-Liar-and-a-fraud-Internet-868522, http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Anu-Mirchandani-Hinduja/internet/Anu-Mirchandani-Hinduja-Blackmails-Sanjay-Uses-secret-to-get-married-London-Internet-1169823

  4. shanaya says:

    This is very scary! She sounds evil.

  5. pinky says:

    @jack..no wonder she and Kanika are friends, btw here is an article on her http://familylawhub.co.uk/default.aspx?i=ce4444

  6. Logica says:

    With names taken, claws are bared. This is a truly a point of no-return. Who would’ve thought?

  7. jack says:

    Yes Pinky, Kanika was shedding tears about this post on Anu when she was in Delhi a week back…
    Now she has handed her kids over to the ex-husband.

  8. Etios says:

    Jack, your website has some bugs, randomly the mobile version loads up and the most important thing is that old links are not opening and are redirecting to homepage.

    For Example: try clicking on “Who is this Kanika” link above and you will be redirected to homepage and if you click on another link like “Kanika is flying high” the mobile website loads up.

  9. Alcie says:

    lol! seriously? Black magic? Whatever happened to using logic and reasoning.

  10. Colossial says:

    So two gold diggers are great friends. Birds of same feather flock together. Jack can you do a separate post on the gold diggers of the Delhi high society

  11. loveislife says:

    Honestly, this is a ridiculous post. I think Anu bagged a very well respected man from an illustrious family despite being a divorcee with a child and this is a bitter pill to swallow for all those single ladies out there who are from better backgrounds. But such is life! Let’s be happy for one another and wish them a happy married life.

  12. Vrushi says:

    @loveislife hi anu mahtani mirchandani hinduja

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