sonam-kapooralia-bhattThe glamorous ladies of Bollywood who look divine on the celluloid or on the covers of magazines are pretty much alike any other girl or a woman in appearance when you spot them sans makeup. These divas too have bad-hair days, dark circles, occasional acne bursts and other such travails. The magic of makeup and that too by the best of professionals transform them into flawless beauties.

priyanka-chopra-01kareena-kapooraishwarya-raianushka-sharmadeepika-padukoneThese images of Bollywood’s leading-ladies ‘with and without makeup’ says it all!

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  1. Random….know prettier girls then them married to one actually wish could share her picture… She looks gorgeous without make-up, can give a run for their money to these caked up distressed damsels

  2. Kareena has such a man-face.. just like Katrina.. nothing appealing forme…..I have seen men more beautiful than them….

  3. Priyanka looks like a monkey these days with those cheek implants. Her cheeks look too big for her face. And that pout, she got by fillers, look bad on her. Results of excessive plastic surgery I guess.

    She looked gorgeous with whatever features(broad nose,dark skin etc) during her modelling days. Now I just cant see her face.

    @God_ShaReef ,I too heard that PC looks ugly without makeup.

  4. Just curious btw.. I guess God_Shareef can answer this.. Why Saif only gets attracted to women who look manly.. First Amrita, then Rosa and now Kareena… there was even a segment about this on a Hindi news channel long back…any idea God_Shareef? ;))

  5. Dear Deep,
    What i can reCall about Saif?
    There was an article, prior to his joining films, in StarDust that he applies lipstick while studying in Oxford and rock the streets with his Gang of Boys.
    He used to have lot of fun at his laund-open space in the Palace of Pataudi during Amrita time too with AjayVijay Balhara, stamped meals from the House of Horror,
    i mean…
    House of Gudda!!!
    I think he’s been discovering his sexuality, day by day, till now…
    But chhodo issko. Leave him.
    Buddha ho gaya hai ye. Nikammi movies deta hai ye ab.
    Pubs mein filmi fights karrwa lo bas.
    Can man be demure too?
    We could have asked Pataudi Sr, but that GentleMan is no more…

  6. @Deep , omg so true. And in between he was rumored to have had an affair with bipasha too ,another manly Bollywood gal . Kareena better keep kriti sanon away from saif ,she’s also manly

  7. @God_ShaReef,MarMurrgi main aur kaun hai? I can list few – Karishma,Kareena,Bipasha,Kriti,Esha Gupta,Kangana,Nargis Fakri,Sonakshi,Lisa Haydon,Jackie Fernandes…

  8. thnx God-Shareef… trust me..u make this site hella interesting with your poetic comments.. hehehehhee….Its just that i believe i have a strong gaydar…I was in my teens when Ricky Martin’s livin-vi-da-loca came out and one look at that beautiful man, I could tell he was gay (or atleast prayed to god to let him be one.. the term gay was not in my vocab at the time ;))).. but it took him almost a decade to realise it for himself.. same with Akshay Kumar too.. I know his affairs with woman is the stuff of Bollywood legends, but something about him made me believe that he is into launda’s too… and honestly he is only getting more sexier with age….don’t think much of him as an actor though.. he is decent in some movies..

    @Bittu.. hell yesss.. how could I forget Bipasha ( she is gorgeous and sensuous)…. she not only looks but even sounds like one most of the times.. the reason why I think John was with her…whoever thinks john is straight is living in la la land…

  9. oye.. my comment gone missing i guess…coming to the topic of this page.. I only find Deepika gorgeous…Ash is pretty as long as she keeps her mouth shut.. Alia still looks like she needs to pass out of kindergarten.. hehehehhee…give me a Sushmita, Vidya, Kangana, Kalki, Konkona, Nandita Das, Manisha Koirala over these over-rated beauties who are famous for partying with KJo all the time… my all time fave list is Nutan, Waheeda Rehman, Sridevi (she was more gorgeous with her original nose.. and those eyes are a killer), Helen…..I guess i belong to the guzra-hua-zamana.. hehehehee