Art of Closing Defense Deal – ‘AV Style’

av_board-meetingav-nude-copyav_conjob_escortsIf anybody mastered the art of luring in powerful businessmen with honey-traps for con jobs, it was Abhishek Verma. His former New York based partner – Edmond Allen has spilt loads of material on AV, which we mostly know about but yes, Allen has given us unseen photographs that are shockingly obscene and horrid.

How to close a Ponzi defense deal ‘Verma’ style is best understood if you see these picturesnibble the earlobe of your partner (the honey-trap) at the boardroom. Next flaunt another honey and your tattoos and finally seal the deal by doing a strip show that explains the technology of ‘heat-seeking-missiles’ in a most vivid way.

WARNING: You may get nightmares!

2 thoughts on “Art of Closing Defense Deal – ‘AV Style’”

  1. Jenny says:

    Jeez!! You could have given some warning in the beginning. That brought my breakfast up.
    What a gutter rat.!! What’s wrong with people and their tastes these days?

  2. Colossial says:

    Jack this is so gross pictures. Now days sex is involved in such deals. If you really want to know corruption just check who is paying the bills for the luxuries enjoyed by powerful people.

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