BAAP Of All Desi ‘Sugga-Daddies’

Looks can be deceiving so do not let the Patna-born Bihari NRI Mining tycoon’s humble exterior fool you in thinking him  to be a fuddy-duddy, boring old fart. Believe you me, Anil Agarwal, the CMD of Vedanta Resources is an indulgent Sugga-Daddy and juggles more than one sweetie pie at a time. Bihari Babu please take this with a pinch of salt as your are overflowing with Sugga.

Last week Sugga Dad – Anil Aggarwal was spotted with his former sugar babe, Kanika Kapoor’s brother, Sasha Kapoor. All that teary-eyed interview that Kanika gave when she moved to Mumbai about vicious rumors spread about her weren’t rumors. Sasha’s closeness with Anil Agarwal reveals how close sugga-pop was with BabyDoll!

Seen in this picture taken at an upscale London bar are Super Sugga Dad, Anil Agarwal on extreme right. Leaning on the old man is Sasha Kapoor, Kanika Kapoor’s real brother picking bagful of sugga  for old-time sake. In the center is Ira Trivedi and next is Rishi Sethia and his friend. London chatterati is abuzz with gossip that Ira is Daddy’s latest and Rishi too is fond of her. But Ira insists Anil Agarwal is her ‘kinda’ Mamaji but not many folks buying it. Fact check showed Trivedi’s dad and Agarwal go way back. This reminds me of an incident that Sameera Reddy’s mother narrated to me years back. Vijay Mallya is REAL Mamaji  of Sameera and was one day lamenting to his sister (Sameera’s mom), Nakshatra Reddy that tabloids are linking him with niece Sameera. Nakshatra Reddy said that she told Vijay Mallya – ‘If one sits under a toddy tree and is drinking coconut water, people will call him a drunkard only.’ This fits perfect with Anil Agarwal too.

Ira Devi oops…watch-out for camel toe faux-pas. This was a close call saved by the camouflage. Anyway, a shout-out to the Sugga-Dad, ‘Gotta  pinch of sugga to spare?’


5 thoughts on “BAAP Of All Desi ‘Sugga-Daddies’”

  1. Colossial says:

    Anil Agarwal is going places with Sugar babes. Rishi Sethia is also getting sugar now days. I wonder when will these people get diabetes?

  2. Nupur says:

    A lady who once owned a lifestyle magazine (also the wife of a well-known So Bo businessman) was rumored to be his girlfriend at some point of time. A very cultured, beautiful and stylish Publisher, it sounded quite unbelievable and later SoBo was agog with whispers that she moved to London to live with him. Any truth in those rumors?

  3. Tara says:

    Wow- shocked about Ira Trivedi news! Wasn’t she after Rahul Gandhi at one time.

  4. Ichicaa says:

    I thought Sophie Choudhary was one of his sugar babies as well. :/

  5. jack says:

    @Rishi Sethia stop playing dad as there are enough papas floating around. You click a selfie and dump it in public domain and when shit hits the roof you cry hoarse of this being a private moment. Instead of playing daddy, resurrect your career if Anil Agarwal gambles his money on you coz you are prodigal one.
    There’s nothing written about you so what’s irking you…touched a soft corner???

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