Jai Shroff & Natalia Kapchuk Rocked @ Kasliwal’s Opulent Bash

kasliwal9_virginiaakapchuk bdaykasliwal1The weekend that just got over, turned the Royal alleys of Jaipur into a Sin City for ‘Rich Kids’. The occasion was top jeweler – Samir Kasliwal’s birthday bash. Added to the non-stop weekend party was arm-candy cum Item-Number Natalia Kapchuk’s birthday celebration and Holi party. Good friends of Kasliwals – Pacho – the young ‘His Highness’ opened the doors of Rambagh Palace for this opulent orgy.

Natalia Kapchuk is more famous as Chemical and Fertilizer baron, Jai Shroff’s girlfriend. She is the reason behind the ongoing messy divorce between Jai Shroff and Poonam Bhagat. Natalia Kapchuk is also very close friends with Samir Kasliwal and Pacho. Pacho’s penchant for Blondes is well-known. You may be aware of his secret affair with Virginia (Store assistant at Kasliwals’ Gem emporia). Pacho commented on Virginia’s Instagram photo as ‘BABE’ that didnt go un-noticed by his family. Mataji grounded him!.

Here watch Kapchuk and Shroff dancing: Video

padmanabh-singh-jaipur-b_Fotor1kasliwal5anstasija_conceirgeSamir Kasliwal’s party was followed by Natalia Kapchuk’s birthday celebration where Sam gifted her an expensive ‘Rock’. Jai Shroff though not known to Kasliwals gatecrashed into his lover’s (Natalia Kapchuk’s) birthday. He flew in from London and shared a suite with the birthday girl at the Rambagh Palace. 

The weekend party had loads of blondes procured from Ukrainian Concierge Service agency. Natalia Kapchuk is friends with these girls who are hired by rich folks around the world. Pacho definitely must have loved it. Desi buddies of Samir Kasliwal were there too and seemed they had a ball.



6 thoughts on “Jai Shroff & Natalia Kapchuk Rocked @ Kasliwal’s Opulent Bash”

  1. Colossial says:

    Indian men and their love for blondes goes to extreme.

  2. One who shall not be named says:

    Totally unrelated but are Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla in a relationship since forever or is it just a ” business ” partnership?

  3. Pooja says:

    Give us something on karan and Kagna. Long time u gave us something spicy related to Bollywood. We are Waiting, jack !

  4. Jack Please give some gossip about bollywood.. its been a long time

  5. Basket case says:

    Seriously!? How old is this kid? He looks like a baccha and he’s having affairs? Doesn’t he have homework or something? I would ground him till he finished college!

  6. Etios says:

    @Basket case: Are you the original Basket case from Bollywood Basket? If yes, good to see you back again, your comments and insight would be appreciated here, better yet would be the revival of your old blog.

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