Jai Shroff & ‘The Art of The Deal’

United States President, Donald Trump thinks he is best at ‘The Art of The Deal’ but then there are many corporate czars who practice not so ethical ‘Art of the Deal’ to further business. Pink papers don’t write and business schools don’t teach this kinda deal making that works everywhere but I am shocked that a Public Limited Company of UPL’s size uses ‘Band of Blondes’ to hobnob and network. Else what would explain the CEO of India’s one of the largest pesticide and fertilizer company lending his girlfriend to well-connected people to celebrate birthdays.

I wrote about how Samir Kasliwal celebrated Jai Shroff’s girlfriend, Natalia Kapchuk’s birthday with much pomp and show. Back in 2015 it was Ameya Prabhu (son of Rail Minister, Suresh Prabhu) who celebrated Natalia Kapchuk’s birthday in Bandra. Seems like more rent-a-girlfriend stuff! Prabhus are old friends of Shroffs. They enjoy Shroff’s hospitality and sail smooth in his yacht to watch Monte Carlo Grand Prix and jet-set on his Gulfstream to Brazil Olympics. Suresh Prabhu was on the Board of UPL though no more. Now Shroff is partnering with Ameya Prabhu in his Solar Power project and for that gesture guess was rewarded as a speaker on Climate Change in UN. Height of hypocrisy – Captain of one of the most polluting industry talking about environment! Kapchuk mantra makes impossible , possible. Waddyaa say???

The reality is that Jai Shroff operates this concierge service consisting of blond Ukranian girls of which Natalia Kapchuk is a part and this ‘Band of Blondes’ are then used for business promotion. I wonder if UPL share holders are aware that the blondes enjoy regal lifestyle on company’s two Gulfstream Jets, a helicopter and a fancy yacht – Robusto. Jai Shroff’s entourage of blonde babes is managed by madam Veronica Vanderevv and has Instagram addicted girls like Naty Bond, Ekaterina, Julia Zubko,Anna, Anastasjia and even a Playmate – Alina Ilina. Yes Natalia Kapchuk too is part of the gang. There is also a Gujju Blonde – Kimberley Shah who was flown into Vienna at Sajjan Jindal’s wedding just for a cup of coffee. Such extravagance courtesy UPL assets should be known to shareholders and also the company’s ethics on corporate governance.

More on Jai Shroff and The Art of The Deal in the next post and all about lucky folks who sip champagne on his Yacht and gets trained by his personal trainer. Also hope Ameya Prabhu and Nitika Jasani are going strong.

5 thoughts on “Jai Shroff & ‘The Art of The Deal’”

  1. Colossial says:

    Sexual favours in exchage of business deals is part of global corporate culture. Its every where.

  2. jack says:

    @Colossial maybe you are worldly-wise enough to feel okay about sex and deals but then why not just start an escort service business as allied business to promote primary businesses and start new ones???

  3. jack says:

    “Celebritynews”…I like the moral bankruptcy plaguing the term ‘celebrity’. Pimps and hookers are nowadays ‘Celebrities’…

  4. Colossial says:

    @jack this is the reason why sexual harassment at workplace takes place.

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