The Mumbai chatterati is abuzz with Jai Shroff and Poonam Bhagat’s unpleasant separation drama. The philanderer hubby of Poonam is trying to conceal his wealth so as to get away lightly on the settlement issue. Wonder why a wealthy man who has all the wealth to splurge on his ‘Band of Blondes‘ from Ukraine and his friends in the corridors of power turn stingy when it comes to settlement with the ex-wife.

Jai Shroff has provided luxurious living to his band of Ukrainian girls. The UPL Jets seem to be dedicated for thes girls to hop across the world or ferry crates of wine for a powerful minister in Delhi. The yacht also hosts the harem and politicians’ relatives. One of the Ukrainian blonde from the concierge service, Olga charmed one Daniel Crisp and got married to him in Rome and Shroff’s jets were at service to fly the ‘Band of Blondes’ from Rome to Ibiza for after party. The Afghan limousine driver of Jai drives his special friends when they are in London. Former top-cop of Mumbai was also driven around by this chauffeur, Ahmed Nawaz.

Jasleen Sandhu, the personal stewardess of Jai Shroff aboard his jet is now also a designer.  Jai pumped in money for her to launch a fashion label – The Grey Heron, which the Ukrainian babes often model around.

Like big-bro, Vikram Shroff also is fond of blondes. He fancy’s Natalia Kapchuk’s friend Natyalia Bonderenko aka Naty Bond and wifey, Namrata Baruah seems to be okay with it. Vikram and Naty have fun and Namrata hangs around too. It’s a weird family where husband , wife, kids, friends-with-benefits and the concierge babes party together.

So if Jai Shroff has so much wealth to splurge on politicians’ extravagant holidays, let his jet be used by the Kapchuk and her half-a-dozen friends as a cab-service and pay for their extravagant lifestyle, why is he being so stingy when it comes to divorce settlement and become a joke of the town? 


  1. Sam says:

    Your argument and justification for paying alimony to an ex-wife whatever she demands is completely ridiculous. I expect better for you.
    Just because he likes to party and splurge on his friends does not mean he needs to pay his ex too. Its his money he can spend how he wants it.

  2. jack says:

    I meant what law rightfully expects the breadwinner to pay his partner. U didn’t read ‘conceal’.
    If you know better then you may be right

  3. Sam says:

    I don’t think it’s right to conceal what is legally entitled to the wife. Don’t pay what the wife demands but let the law decide the best option. I also heard that Sanjay is marrying Priya this week. Thank god, now we won’t get to hear all those minute details about the Karishma divorce.

  4. jack says:

    Yeah Sunjay Kapur n Priya getting married in NY on the 15th of this month. Low-key affair!

  5. Ghost says:

    Right. It’s completely up to his discretion to splurge on prostitutes but not on his wife and mother of his child. But it does say a lot about his character or rather lack of it. He can definitely buy his privilege but he will not earn any respect.
    BTW like it or not, the fact that he shows so much consideration for firangi escorts but not his desi wife will not go down well in Indian society. It will come back to bite him. Public opinion will count with all his political friends more than all the crates of wine he can provide.

  6. Real says:

    BTW Jack can you write about the changes in Bollywood? Big Production houses have closed, celebrity managers are being shown the door or cut down to size, actors are making major investments in other businesses.

    I feel like the industry is really changing in its essential format. Would love to hear from you about it.

    Frankly the business side of Bollywood interests me more than the gossip and I think you have a good grip on that.

  7. AS says:

    Jack. who is this Jeetu Navlani chap? He’s always posting fancy pics of him & his wife. Drives fancy cars etc etc. & is known to invest in nightclubs and restaurants. But this much money from all this?? doesn’t add up. What do you know?

  8. arshiya says:

    Jeetu Navlani is a fixer and he and his wife hosts parties for top-cops. hangs around with Sameer Gehlot of Indiabulls and Jai…page3 wannabes

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