Celebrities & Their OOPS Moments

KangnaRanaut13KangnaRanaut07KangnaRanaut08 It is an undeniable fact that-‘Beauty Lies in the Details’! A small detail ignored can spoil the beautiful image that celebrities painstakingly create and adhere to. Uber and feisty actor, Kangana Ranaut always make a fashionable appearance. At the ‘Rangoon’ promotions she appeared in a pretty pinstripe coat-dress, paired over a short skirt. No doubt Kangana looked absolutely chic in the well-crafted ensemble. But when I got a sneak-peak of her spanx shorts worn beneath, the delicate femininity of the beautiful dress got washed away. I am sure she wore the shorts to avoid accidental ‘knicker-flash’ moments but then a glamorous actress has to be savvy enough to carry off a short dress without any ‘oops’ moments. Those grey spandex briefs killed Kangana Ranaut’s otherwise uber chic look.

RochelleMariaRao_knicker flashRochelleMariaRao_knicker flash copyBigg Boss finalist and now a popular TV anchor, Rochelle Pinto took the dress code for emceeing the Black & White Scotch Whisky event literally. The whisky event had Hollywood star Frieda Pinto who looked hot in a white dress with a plunging neck. Rochelle wore a short black dress and white knickers that she couldn’t avoid flashing. Come-on…white knicker under a black dress??? Who does it? I am sure Frieda Pinto didn’t wear black thongs under her white dress even if it was a Black & White Whisky promotion event.

Bachchans and Rajans are FAMILY

Harivanshrai and Teji Bachchan with their sons Amitabh and Ajitabh, their wives Jaya and Ramola, grandchildren Abhishek, Bhim, Naina, Namrata, Nilima and Shweta, and relative Abhijit Ranjananushka-rajan-weddingI am surprised that lot of people are finding it surprising that the entire Bachchan family were at Abu Dhabi for Anushka Rajan’s wedding with Abhishek Doshi. Anushka is the daughter of Karuna and Abhijit Rajan of Gammon India. Rajans like the Bachchans come from Allahabad. Harivansh Rai Bachchan in his autobiography mentions how only guests invited for Amitabh and Jaya’s marriage were the Gandhis (Indira and Sanjay Gandhi) and the Rajans (Jagdish and Indira Rajan and their son, Abhijit Rajan). Besides Abhijit Rajan was embroiled in scam with Ajitabh Bachchan. In 2006 SEBI barred Gammon Infrastructure Projects (GIPL), a subsidiary of Gammon India from accessing the capital market for three years and Gammon India for one year. It has also banned Reliance Silicones (RSL), owned by Ajitabh Bachchan, from the capital market for a year for helping Rajan route Gammon funds to his private companies to subscribe to a 2001 rights issue of Gammon India shares.

amitabh_tejiHarivansh Rai wrote: The wedding, long foreseen, was set for June 3, 1973 and was to be kept secret, because with Amitabh’s rising popularity, the crowds of admirers gathering round the house had been growing every day. The only guests to be invited from our side were the Rajans and the Gandhis. Jaya’s family decided not to hold the ceremony at their flat in Beach House but at a friend’s place on the top floor of the Skylark building in Malabar Hills, where it could pass off unnoticed. We sent a telegram to Jagdish Rajan to ‘come with your family immediately,’ with no indication of the reason.That evening, Teji and Jagdish Rajan’s wife Indira anointed Amitabh with a turmeric preparation in a ceremony that would normally be accompanied by much singing and festive tumult, but here had to be done in a hushed quiet. The joy that was so confined by this constriction spilled out in a tingling of the spine and a tearful glimmering of the eye, especially in Teji’s case.”

jhanvi KAPOOR_akshat RAJANThe tabloids wrote all about Anushka Rajan’s wedding and how Abhishek Bachchan danced at the ceremonies but failed to mention the presence of Shweta Bachchan. They also failed to mention Hrithik Roshan’s presence. Fashionscandal reader, Akshai informed this:

Hrithik and Shweta are still at it!! Saw them both at Anushka Rajan’s wedding in Abu Dhabi!!

Apparently AB Jr has a thing for twinks

 Saw him hang around with boys the whole time !!

Lutyens Delhi Goss’ Keeping Chatterati Busy

grizzlygossip-chatteratiBoy-oh-boy the tireless Hunterr – the Grizzly Baer has been hunted down by a new Gazelle. In fact the graceful gazelle was wooed by the ‘Grizzly Baer’ and she reciprocated in equal dose. Problem now is that this dainty ‘Geisha-like’ (she walks with tiny steps like a Geisha in a Kimono and cakes her face with heavy makeup) socialite is married and the Grizzly and the Gazelle’s hubby are (at least were) buddies and last year celebrated his 40th birthday as a premier guest.

The tireless Hunterrr got Hunted! I don’t think he was looking to hook-up for keeps. Grizzly’s hoity-toity Gazelle has moved out from the hubby’s house to her mother’s house. Poor hubby is handling the kids and I believe is shattered by the whole affair. Gazelle wants to make-home with the Grizzly, which he ain’t game for. It was just a game for him!

Kahin Khushi ; Kahin Gam!!!  Wonder how and why one flirts with a friend’s wifey and vice-versa. These stories end up sour

Such is life guys in this jungle – the upper crust Lutyens Jungle. 

Just hope this one is for keeps for Grizzly Baer and Geisha Gazelle!

KATE MOSS is Taut @ 43 While BRITNEY SPEARS is Not!

kate-moss-topless-in-wW Magazine has Kate Moss posing nude for the March 2017 edition. Shot by the famous photographer duo of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the March 2017 edition of W is ‘A Salute to 5 Power Women: Jennifer Lopez, Donatella Vesace, Kate Moss, Taraji P. Henson and Jessica Chastain’. These gorgeous ladies grace the cover of W’s March 2017 issue.

katemoss2katemosskatemoss8 copy2Kate Moss at 43 looks stunningly hot and absolutely taut. W reports that Kate partied till 2am the night before the shoot and dropped in dot-on-time at 9am for the shoot, And wow –  Kate forever looks amazing when the lights come up and the clothes get dropped! Enjoy the pictures that I have posted here.

britney-spears-nipple-slipOn the other hand Britney Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction on stage during her show when her tit almost fell out of her costume. Suffered seems about as accurate as wardrobe malfunction when discussing what was probably either a completely planned Janet Jackson halftime moment. Spears’ has had nonstop costume rips and tears and busted seams throughout the course of her big budget gay dancer extravaganza in Las Vegas.

Is HAUGHTINESS ‘Cool’ For Louis Vuitton India Staffers?

louis-vuitton-stores-india-louis-vuitton-new-delhi-2-emporio--StFi_Louis_Vuitton_NEW_DELHI_2_EMPORIO_222_DI3louis-vuitton-speedy-40-monogram-canvas-handbags--M41106_PM2_Front viewLV Keepall 45Arrogant behavior of staff employed with international luxury labels in India seems to be a common pain that customers have to bear. To sell ‘Haute Couture’ does one need to be ‘Hauteur’? Bull-crap! In fact humility gets you more customer than being haughty.

All the fancy brands housed in DLF Emporio cheat customers by sending their leather accessories to Jor Bagh in New Delhi for repair while claiming the product is sent to Paris or Italy for repair. Now add to that misbehavior and haughtiness.

Here is a verbatim complaint of a disgruntled customer of Louis Vuitton in Delhi. I am posting it after doing thorough fact-checking:


I am forwarding you my complaint which I sent to Neeraj Walia, Country Retail Head of Louis Vuitton India. I was sold a Keepall 45 bag and a Speedy 40. The Keepall 45 developed problems with its leather within just a week of gentle using. Sales Associate, Hardik and  Senior Sales Associate, Nikhil Radhakrishnan, two extremely devious and criminally sound representatives of LV at DLF Emporio, promised, assured and guaranteed me free repairs on absolutely any problem with the leather whatsoever. Day before yesterday when I went to the Store, they showed me their real colours. LV in India is selling SHIT QUALITY, probably rejects or even better, fakes, without a doubt!

Please highlight this issue on your premier and much followed website. Kindly mention my name where ever needed.  I am horrified to see the attitude and behaviour of LV staff and their sham aftersales promises.

I will take up the matter legally, if they do not repair the defective, inferior quality bag they sold me for nearly a Lakh.


Vibhor Sharma

LV problemI am attaching the copy of the complaint and also a police complaint that the harrowed customer filed. COMPLAINT ABOUT PRODUCT, PERSONS INVOLVED AT LV. copy 2