Issssh…Peter Seemed Such A ‘Bhadrolok’

MACABRE MURDERThe macabre murder saga involving Indrani and Peter Mukerjea has become a national pastime. And for Bengalis who are famous for their ‘aadda’ (gossip/conversation) culture, the sordid saga has been lapped up with passion. Peter Mukerjea is a Bengali but hardly has any typical traits of a Bengali. But that doesn’t bother his Bong brethren who have a bias favouring him. The superlatives I used in the heading are typically Bengali. ‘Issssh’ is an oft-used term expressing shame or disgust. If you recall the movie Devdas, Aishwarya Rai often uttered ‘Issssh’ more as an expression of shyness kinda shame. Bhadrolok is a gentleman. So obviously the city’s Bongs are sympathetic about their Bong brother – Peter Mukerjea and are liberally passing judgments.

INDRANI_PETER_WEDDINGAssamese and Bengalis share a love-hate relationship and Indrani Mukerjea being an Assamese do draw the wrath. Bongs – typically are not-so-fond of rich capitalists and don’t lose any opportunity to spill venom when a money bag gets into trouble for making it big illegally.

Rahul the PussySo I enjoyed overhearing this conversation at a Bengali club where for a change, Indrani and Peter Mukerjea saga mixed well with Old Monk Rum. (Bongs don’t drink Captain Morgan). Everybody had their own conspiracy theories. Indrani was the villain and a ruthless gold-digger who excelled in the art of ‘pu**y management’ while Peter was a dumb and  successful executive who fell for the superficial charm of the Suparnakha aka Indrani. The savvier amongst the group who boasted about knowing Peter personally however blamed Peter and his philandering ways and hinted something naughty between him and Sheena. The brother of the deceased Sheena was discounted as a dodo who looked very much a ‘mataal’ (drunkard).

31indrani1God only knows what’s the truth behind this sordid saga. But I had many colleagues who joined INX and were jobless after 8months and none of them had anything good to say about Indrani. Peter Mukerjea is behaving like a typical escapist; trying to be this blind lover who is/was enamoured by Indrani. But those hundreds of journalist who lost a lot because of Peter and Indrani’s nefarious INX project feel Karma is doing its work.

I am just hoping that for the coming Durga Puja, nobody takes to Indrani and Peter Mukerjea saga as their pandal decor theme….


It’s Too Late To Get ‘Juicy’

juicy-couture-tracksuitsjuicy-ashSome years ago, it was almost impossible to avoid gaggles of aunties and their teen daughters in matching velvet zip-up hoodies and slightly too-tight jogging bottoms with ‘Juicy’ inscribed in rhinestone on the derriere on aircrafts. I am talking about the once-famous travel wear – Juicy Couture founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1997. Celebs loved these pink velour tracksuits and ‘Juicy Couture’ overnight was a brand to have.

shilpa_juicykim-Jlo-juicyIndian celebs took to ‘Juicy’ with a vengeance and wore it whenever they travelled. Reliance Brands recently opened the first Juicy Couture store at Gurgaon’s Ambience Mall. Liz Claiborne bought over the brand from Pamela and Gela. The brand is reinventing itself by diversifying into ‘couture nouveau’ and has got into perfumes, accessories and clothes. But the hay-days of pink velour tracksuits – Juicy Couture is frankly over.

pamela_gela_JCAnd what’s worse, today you get cheap knock-offs of Juicy Couture in Lajpat Nagar, Sarojni Nagar and all over. Years back I used to spot ‘Juicy’ on the sagging bums of ladies traveling international in first class or business class. Now I see them on all-kinda bums in Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express!

ASIN Needn’t Buy Lingerie or Take Commercial Flights Post- Marriage

Asin Thottumkal again bikini and bra panty pictureimagesActor Asin who made her Bollywood debut with Ghazini is marrying businessman Rahul Sharma by end of this year. Rahul Sharma is the co-founder of Micromax, the makers of low-cost mobile phones. The company did stupendously well and today Rahul Sharma has the luxury of owning his private jet. In fact Asin met Rahul on his private jet when Akshay Kumar and Asin were flying with him for one of their film’s promotion. Akshay played the cupid and hooked up Rahul Sharma with Asin. In fact Rahul is totally Bollywood-struck. Earlier he was ‘friendly’ with Sophie Choudhary.


Now why am I saying that Asin need not buy luxury lingerie after marriage? Well because Vikas Jain, the co-founder of Micromax and a friend of Rahul Sharma has taken the India license for Italian luxury lingerie brand, La Perla. Soon he will open the first La Perla flagship store at the DLF Emporio in Delhi. Being friends, Rahul Sharma’s wife won’t be allowed to pay for whatever she picks-up from La Perla. Wonder if Vikas Jain would make Asin the brand ambassadress of La Perla in India.

sophie_rahulasin-newAnd since Rahul Sharma owns a private jet, the days of taking commercial flights are over for Asin. Hence this Southie bombshell has found a good catch in Rahul Sharma. However Rahul Sharma should venture into starting or tying-up with a top deodorant brand as he would need loads of them with Asin!

Kiran Gandhi Ran The London Marathon Sans Tampon

kiran gandhi_periodsUnknownIndian born, London bred Kiran Gandhi is better known as the feisty drummer of M.I.A. This time the 26-year-old Kiran hit the news for something entirely different. She ran the London marathon while bleeding freely, sans tampon, staining her running pants. Although Gandhi did receive some positive feedback, she was also faced with an equal amount of backlash from both genders, some calling it disgusting as fuck.” Others agreed with her motives, but claimed that there are other ways to raise awareness or accused her of attention-seeking.

After training for a year, Kiran Gandhi woke up on the morning of her race with severe cramps and immediately began to weigh up her options. It was an obvious choice for me to run without a tampon, I wanted to run in a way that was most comfortable – I was about to run a marathon.” She also said that it was absurd and oppressive that she should compromise her wellbeing, just so that other people didn’t feel “grossed out”. “As women, historically, we have always had to prioritise the comfort of others at the expense of ourselves,” she said.

kiran gandhi_drummer M.I.AThe past year has seen movements based on ‘female body’ like #FreeTheNipple movement but more and more is being centered around menstruation. Gandhi says. “Society is more than happy to talk about our breasts, but then they don’t want to talk about things that are not for their social consumption. Gandhi says that she also wanted to run without a tampon to raise awareness of women who do not have access to menstruation products. She talks wanted to run for those who do not have the money to buy tampons and have to hide their period away, feeling humiliated. In India many women cannot afford tampons and sanitary pads. She describes a personal email she received from a young homeless woman, who found dealing with her period one of the most difficult aspects of poverty. “She told me, ‘Kiran, when you ran I felt like you were running for me’. And that is epic.”

Since her run, Kiran has been performing and raising money with Thinx, a company that develops stain and leak resistant underwear that you can don during your cycle without a need for a tampon or towel. She wants people to shake off the shame of their period and put themselves first. “My message is not that all women from now on bleed freely – my message is that everybody should feel safe and empowered enough to make the choice that’s best for them.” Bravo Kiran Gandhi!


You Rode Her; You Banged Her And Now You Better Eat!

porsche-restaurant-365-viewGuys please do not get dirty thoughts after reading the headline. I am talking about the luxury car brand – Porsche that has launched a fine dining restaurant – Restaurant 356. The restaurant is located on the second level of the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. Porsche is not the first car maker that ventured into Food & Beverages business. Lexus and Maserati have done it before.

porsche-restaurant-365-0001The multi-cuisine Restaurant 356 is headed by the Polish Executive Chef, Kyle Forson. Defending the decision on going multi-cuisine, Chef Forson said, “I want guests to enjoy food that enhances the Porsche experience and fuses it with a sense of place.” With panoramic views of the world- class 1.6-mile driver development track, Porsche Cars North America believes that “Restaurant 356 is sure to become a premier dining destination for local patrons and for visitors to Atlanta”.

In addition to Restaurant 356 and the driver development track it overlooks, the Porsche Experience Center features a classic car gallery, restoration center, human performance center, and driving simulator lab. A state-of-the-art business center features 13,000 square feet of conference and event space.

So all you Porsche lovers who rode her, slammed her and banged her, now better go and dine at the Restaurant 356!