I Told U About “Bagwati” Pernia’s Movie Way Back…

08jaanisarRemember I wrote about Bagwati – Pernia Qureshi’s filmy aspirations way back in November 2013…Here is the link to  that post: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-5iv

54f9870238251Well the period movie – Jaanisar had its trailer launch a few days back. It is directed by Muzaffar Ali and is funded by Pernia Qureshi’s dad, Moin Qureshi who is embroiled in some Hawala racket. The movie credit reads Meera Ali’s name as the Producer but that’s just on paper. The period movie stars a Pakistani hero – Imran Abbas Naqvi besides our Bagwati, Pernia.

jaanisar-2015-7aBesides getting paid to make a movie, Muzaffar Ali and Meera Ali also gained from loading the movie with Meera & Muzaffar Ali Couture ensembles. In company of the Late Ponty Chaddha, (Moin used to be often seen with Ponty before his death) Moin got the filmy fever and his daughter always harbored Bollywood dreams.

Let us wait and see how Jaanisar does once it is released. I will definitely see it for Bagwati’s sake!

Uniqlo Launched ‘Designer Hijabs’

Uniqlo_hijab2If you thought it is the politicians who cash-in on religion as vote-banks, you better turn your attention towards fashion as fashion too is looking at en-cashing on religion. The Japanese high-street brand – Uniqlo has launched ‘Designer Hijabs’ at their Singapore store and are retailing Online too. Uniqlo is also coming to India this year.

uniqlo_hijab1Clothing retailer Uniqlo has teamed up with a UK-based fashion designer – Hana Tajima – to launch the new “modest wear” collection, including a range of hijabs.The range features stylish hijabs in a variety of colours and prints, headbands, long dresses and rayon blouses, which aims to cater to ladies who embrace modest fashion” as well as being “carefully designed to suit contemporary tastes”. The items went on sale on Friday from the store’s website and outlet in Singapore.

Singapore has a Muslim population of 15 per cent. It appears that the company is rolling out the hijabs where demand is slightly higher before committing to launching across the world. Whenever Uniqlo launches in India, hijabs would find space on the racks.

Hana Tajima is a British fashion blogger as well as being a designer and visual artist who converted to Islam aged 17 and went on to start her own label which specialised in stylish modest wear.

Neha Dupia & Her Catastrophic Camel-Toe

30neha-maxim8Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia has gone all naughty in the July 2015 edition of Maxim, India. She has given bold shots in lingerie and sexy nightwear. But hey, she totally overlooked the prominent camel-toe exposure in one of the double spread photoshoot. It is so damn obvious. Wonder if she missed it or Maxim did it deliberately.

30neha-maxim8 copy30neha-maxim11One thing we know now that Neha Dhupia does indulge is ‘Brazilian’ touch and is all ‘bald’. But posing in sheer and sexy lingerie, Neha could have been more careful about the camel-toe issue. Anyway you guys have a look and have your say.

Lalit Modi Takes Note of Our 5-year-old story


Lalit Modi Tweeted:

LalitModi_fashionscandalLalit Kumar Modi (@LalitKModi)
01/07/15 9:33 pm
Like I said the other day it takes INDIA 3 to 5 years to wake up to my tweets – someone mentioned this now fashionscandal.com/2010/05/lalit-…

Fashionscandal posted a story on 15th May, 2010 and predicted that “Modi’s Pandora’s Box is extremely volatile and when it opens, all hell will break loose.” Here is the link: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-5y

One Commonality Between Narendra Modi And D&G – ‘Selfie Obsession’

modi-election-slefied&g_selfie2What is that one commonality between Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Italian fashion label, Dolce & Gabbana? It is the ‘Selfie Obsession’ of NaMo and D&G. We all by now know about Prime Minister’s weird penchant for selfies but wasn’t really aware of Dolce & Gabbana’s penchant for selfies too. The Dolce & Gabbana’s fall campaign is all about SELFIES. The fall 2015 campaign of D&G has models including Ashleigh Good, Vittoria Ceretti, Esmerelda Seay Reynolds, Tami Williams and Sora Choi clad in the “Viva la Mama”-themed collection and taking Selfies.

fadnavisWhile addressing the nation with his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ PM Narendra Modi loved an idea of a Sarpanch from Haryana and said, “In Haryana, a village Sarpanch initiated a #SelfieWithDaughter initiative. I urge all of you, share a #SelfieWithDaughter. Also share a tagline that will encourage ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’,” Soon Modi lovers went crazy posting ‘Selfie With Daughter’ and crowded the social media space.

D&g_family_spaghettiBut then there are two huge differences between Narendra Modi and Dolce & Gabbana. The fall 2015 campaign of D&G has also ‘family’ and ‘spaghetti’ taking center stage. Narendra Modi is not a ‘family’ man. He is a bachelor who separated from his wife ages ago. (The Khaki Half-Pant donning Boyz Club has a big influence on NaMO.) I am pretty sure Modi hates ‘spaghetti ‘. He has a strong dislike of all things Italian courtesy Sonia Gandhi. In his many foreign trips, Italy has n’t yet found a place in his itinerary and the Italian Marines case is a big pain in the wrong place right now for the PM.