20075546.cmsWhat is happening in ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’? Nothing is positive but everything is chaotic. Government needs to rethink their policies. I am an ordinary man with modest expectations but the government that promised me the sky has only made things worse for Aam Aadmi like me.

You switch on the TV and those noisy debates are cacophonous and depressing. Before every parliament session, the government indulges in things that irks the opposition and leads to stalemate. If the government really wants the opposition, particularly in the upper house to co-operate, shouldn’t they strategically avoid issues that irks them? If you look back, you will see that the people in the government has raked up issues to humiliate or corner the opposition just a week before the start of the session. I think it is done deliberately. Wonder why? Probably to blame all the travails plaguing the nation on the opposition.

Narendra-ModiAugusta Westland fracas is yet another Bofors episode. Based on a hand-written note scribbled by somebody indicted by the Italian court has suddenly become the holy grail for BJP that hated everything Italian. Rafael fighter planes were signed on by NaMo, bypassing all defence procurement procedures. Now MoD wants to scan that deal also. Our air-force will have to deal with dilapidated fleet. For supposedly 30Million Euros of kickback, the nation has been held at ransom and nothing productive is being done by the government, but witch-hunt.

Sanjit Bakshi_40th_Splurge in MoscowA vibrant economy needs spending by the private sector, public sector and Aam Aadmi. Private sector is cribbing that there is no demand for their products. Aam Aadmi is crying that he doesn’t have enough disposable income to spend. The elite class that has all the money to splurge is now opting to spend it out of the country. The luxury business is in doldrums. At Emporio, stores have no sales because now purchases above Rs. 50,000 cannot be made in cash and you have to give your PAN number. We all know that those expensive handbags and shoes at Emporio were bought in cash. The buyers are now buying luxury goods abroad or have found a way to pay through maze of off-shore accounts or hawala for watches and exotic skin handbags bought in India. So who is affected? Normal working class like store managers whose salaries have major variable component as percentage of sales, PR firms and event planners.

Arvind_Shagun_Priya_Sunjay@Moscow copy 2Bakshi_Priya_Shagun_Bolshoi copyIndustrialists and super-rich stopped celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and weddings in India. Millions of Euros and Dollars are spent abroad on extravagant dos where government is not there to poke their nose. Who suffers? Indian hospitality industry and allied businesses that employ thousands. Sanjit Bakshi celebrated his 40th birthday in Moscow, at the Ritz-Carlton. Niamat and Sanjit played the perfects hosts for the soiree where the guests were pampered to the hilt for three days. The who’s who had a gala time over caviar and champagne. The notable ones were Sunjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev, Shagun and Arvind Khanna, Mehr Rampal, Ratul Puri, Koel Poorie and many more.

Om_Splurge_Singapore2Gutka king, Om Gupta who is the undisputed buyer of luxury goods celebrated his birthday in Singapore by splurging on shopping at Chanel, Gucci, LV, Bvlgari for bags, shoes and much more for self and girlfriend, Prerna. In India PAN number and paying through card is definitely prohibitive for these wealthy people.

Is Lagerfeld More of a ‘Gimmick Guru’ Or a ‘Fashion Czar’?

RTEmagicC_convite_chanel_01CHANEL’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld has become a wizard of hype than the fashion czar that he was known as. For the past several seasons, Lagerfeld organized extravagant Chanel Resort shows in various locations around the world, including SingaporeDubai, and Seoul. Each show portrays distinct themes that translated to both the venue and the clothes. As a result, the Chanel Resort Collection 2017 that he will showcase in Cuba today (3rd May 2016) will likely bring about bright colors and vivid patterns from the fashion house. Although Cuba, especially the capital of Havana, has inspired style trends from various designers in the past, Lagerfeld will be the very first to host a runway show in the Caribbean island nation. The hype is enormous and plane load of fashion editors have already landed and going ga-ga about the show that starts in few hours.

Karl in HavanaTony Castro_ModelIf you are not already feeling weird about the fact that the restrictive dictatorship continues in Cuba, as do human rights violations and widespread poverty, you definitely would after knowing that Tony Castro, grandson of Fidel Castro, will be walking for Chanel. The Latin media is buzzing with this breaking news.

Anti-Chanel_Tweet1Anti-Chanel_Tweet2Gloria Estefan is very happy for Chanel showing in Cuba but Miami Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen hates the idea and venting her displeasure on Twitter. Her account, @RosLehtinen, has spent the past couple of weeks periodically posting about French fashion house Chanel, Ros-Lehtinen’s particular target: designer Karl Lagerfeld, the German haute couture powerhouse heading Chanel’s line, “inspired” by Cuba. The congresswoman used the opportunity to highlight repression against Cuba’s Ladies in White dissidents.


Shocked To Read About Tiger Shroff’s Archaic & Sexist Views

25tiger-shroff1Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor are on the promotional tour for their forthcoming film – Baaghi.

tiger_ayesha_jackie_krishnaIn an interview to, Tiger Shroff uttered some shocking things when the interviewer asked him, What qualities do you want in your partner?” Tiger promptly replied, “I will get married to a girl from the village. When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed. She should stay at home, keep the house clean and give me home-cooked food. I like girls who are the housewife-type.”

krishna_shroff-2The upcoming movie star – Tiger Shroff ideally wants a masseur, a cook and a maid, all bundled together in a wife. He typecasts her as a ‘Housewife-type’ girl. I am shocked at Tiger’s views. He is born in a family where his mother, Ayesha Shroff and sister, Krishna are both strong-headed and independent minded women. Do I get to conclude that these strong and independent women in his family make him opt for a girl who is poles apart from his mother and sister?

Wonder how a young man of the 21st century has such medieval, archaic and sexist views about his ideal woman. I am surprised women haven’t commented on Tiger Shroff’s ‘housewife-type’ classification for a life partner. Feel sad that even today men look for women who can cook, do chores and provide sex on demand in their ideal wives. Shame!

“Duke & Duchess Posed with ‘Art Theft Faker'”, said Daily Mail, UK

Duke_Duchess_Sheetal_Art TheifThe Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s India visit was extensively covered by the media in United Kingdom. But the English media reported facts and called ‘spade a spade’ unlike our Desi tabloid media. Of course their are exceptions in India like that published the presence of the socialite scamster – Sheetal Mafatlal at the Bollywood Gala hosted in the honor of the Duke and the Duchess. 

Fashionscandal wrote on April 11, 2016, (Here is the link –

“Later the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge attended a Bollywood fundraising gala. She looked electric in a blue Jenny Packham (Kate’s favorite designer) sari-gown. Everybody and anybody from Bollywood were there...If Sophie Choudhary and tax evader, Sheetal (Mafatlal) can be there, anybody can be there. The couple met SRK in sad looking tuxedo, Aishwarya Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and the whole zing-bang. “

Daily Mail_UKThe 18th April edition of the Daily Mail, UK carried this headline: “Duke and Duchess posed for photo with socialite ‘who tried to frame three friends in multi-million art theft'”. Sebastian Shakespeare of Daily Mail, UK also wrote, “At a ball in Mumbai they posed for this snap with midriff-baring socialite Sheetal Mafatlal, who faced prosecution last year for allegedly trying to frame three friends for the theft of 31 artworks from her worth tens of millions of poundsSheetal’s claims were exposed as false when police recovered all 31 paintings from an office she had rented in Mumbai.”

Indian media is overwhelmed by these overtly botoxed socialites and shy away from writing about their nefarious deeds. We at FS are the rare few!

Hidden Facts of the “Mercedes Hit-‘n’-Run Case”

JusticeForSiddUrban India is plagued by ‘CLASSISM’ and classists are as evil as racists. The evil of ‘classism’ corrupts the society and doesn’t allow it to be a homogenous one. The classists are in dominant numbers in so-called ‘posh colonies’ of Delhi where one expect people to be broad-minded, educated and liberal but in fact you find residents who are affluent and conscious about class difference. They think they are from privileged class and are superior to those who aren’t from privileged class. The infamous Mercedes Hit-and-Run case that happened in Civil Lines, a posh colony is an epitome of despicable behavior of classist demons.

Project Nirbhay_2The Residents Association of Civil Lines is called – THE CLUB CLASS. The very name stinks of classism. THE CLUB CLASS of Civil Lines in August 2014 In a first of its kind initiative, financially supported the installation of 67 close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in collaboration with the Delhi Police, under the neighbourhood watch scheme. BS Bassi, the then Commissioner of Police, Delhi, inaugurated the project. The cameras, spread in 16 clusters and covering over 2,000 households, are connected via internet to a monitoring station set up at the Civil Lines police station.

Now see the paradox – the concerned citizens of Civil Lines did not submit the CCTV footage voluntarily. The Civil Line Police Station monitors the CCTV footage but did not come forward with any video until 48-hours later Hemraj Sharma, the father of Sidharth Sharma himself toiled, begged and pleaded with the posh Civil Line residents and manage to get the 38 second video that shows the speeding Mercedes hitting Sidharth and ending his life in a gruesome manner. Here is the link to that video:

Accused Manoj Agarwal

Manoj Agarwal, the irresponsible father of the accused driver of the Mercedes is out on bail and his juvenile (17-years and 360-days old on the date of the accident – 4th April 2016) bigda-aulad (brat) is in remand home. As per a resident of Civil Lines, THE CLUB CLASS (RWA) has extended their full support behind Manoj Agarwal and had played important role in securing bail for Manoj Agarwal and relief for his brat of a son. Prominent functionaries of THE CLUB CLASS, like Anant Bindal of Soghi Communications Limited, Nitin Goel of Gopsons Printers Pvt. Ltd. and Rohit Aggarwal of Contrywide Distributors Pvt. Ltd are using their money power and political & police clout to ensure that their fellow Civil Lines resident, Manoj Agarwal and his son go scot free. In fact they were heard bragging about Salman Khan’s case that how when a top-notch lawyer appears on your behalf, impossible becomes possible.

The whole thing stinks of classism. Is there any morality, ethics or compassion in these Club Class demons???