Raf Simon Joins Calvin Klein. WTF!

raf-simons-ckThe 8.2 Billion Dollar brand, Calvin Klein announced via Instagram and Facebook that Raf Simons is their new Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and he will release his first collection for them during February’s Fall 2017 shows. As Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer, Simons, who left Dior last October, will not only design mens and womens runway collections but will also take control of divisions that were previously run separately from runway. Simons will also oversee design for the brand’s denim, underwear and home collections, and its marketing and advertising departments will report to him as well.

Raf Simons_Final Dior ShowThough rumors were rife about Simons joining CK, personally I doubted it. After quitting Christian Dior last October Raf Simons in an interview to Cathy Horyn said, “The only thing I know is that (fashion) used to be elitist. And I don’t know if one should be ashamed or not to admit that maybe it was nicer when it was more elitist, not for everybody. Now high fashion is for everybody.” He quit Dior because fashion had become too fast-paced and that the pressure and rigmarole of creating a collection every two months was simply too much. Is Simons truly an elitist? It is unlikely – of all the positions he could have taken, Calvin Klein is arguably the least steeped in old-world fashion elitism, Probably the money offered by Calvin Klein was too good to refuse!

28789-1Only other logic I see in why Raf Simons took up the job as the CCO at Calvin Klein is his obsession for youth culture. There are few, fashion houses better placed than Calvin Klein to provide Simons with the platform to connect to today’s youth.



Ever Witnessed ‘Dancing Ovation’?

MG_suhel2Kangana@MGYou must have seen crowd applauding a show or a performance with a standing ovation but I doubt you have seen appreciation in form of a ‘dancing ovation‘. On the final day of the India Couture Week 2016, we witnessed Suhel Seth breaking into a impromptu dance at the end of the extravagant show of Manav Gangwani Couture. Sitting next to Seth was Robert Vadra. Vadra seemed amused and gulped a sip of water while watching Suhel move his hips. Here you can have a look of the ‘dancing ovation’: https://vimeo.com/176509120

Manav Gangwani had his off-site show at the Lodi Hotel and the Queen of B-Town – Kangana Ranaut walked the ramp in an elaborate and intricately embellished MG Couture.

‘Sarkari Begum’ Of Fashion Submits ‘Nawabi’ Styles For Rail Employees

beri_suresh prabhu_rail ministerThe fashion design’s ‘Sarkari Begum’ – Ritu Beri who was invited to create new uniforms for the 1.3 Milion employees of Indian Railways by the Minister, Suresh Prabhu, submitted four concepts and one of, which is inspired by the ‘Nawabs’. Mind you, this process of special invitation extended to Ritu Beri is highly suspect as Railway Ministry did not send out tenders. Read this: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-GW9

First Post reported that Ritu Beri submitted four concepts and gives a damn wether there is transparency in the deal or not. I thought this government was all about transparency. Here is the First Post article: “Ritu Beri’s designs for Railways’ uniforms based on rustic coins, nawabs, tribal, pop art” – http://www.firstpost.com/india/ritu-beris-designs-for-railways-uniforms-based-on-rustic-coins-nawabs-tribal-pop-art-2917964.html

Business of Fashion Requires Multiple Skills

sophia oren_dgjp_domenico_custom DG Naples jacketEnough has been written on Dolce & Gabbana’s Naples show. Past weekend, the designer duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce staged their 99-look Alta Moda show on the tiny cobbled streets of the city’s oldest quarter before an invited audience of clients and editors. The Italian house’s answer to couture was inspired by Sophia Loren, who grew up not far from the show’s location.

stefano gabbana_jp_after partydomenico dolce_jp_dgwomenswearThis story is more about the designer duo’s heart-warming interpersonal skills. I chanced upon a photograph of Delhi’s flamboyant fashionista – JP Singh partying with Stefano at the after party on the beach on Stefano’s Instagram account. I called up JP  and enquired what’s he doing in Naples. The surdy said that Domenico warmly invited him for this exclusive show and is pampering him.

dominique_jp1No doubt Domenico and Stefano wouldn’t invest time and energy on any tom-dick & harry. JP’s extravagant ways must be an influencing factor but what is interesting thing to note that how designers of one of the world’s top fashion label develop relationship with a prospective client. Domenico asked his assistant, Francesca to get a bespoke jacket painted with Napoli sky on it exclusively for his new friend for the show. Not only that, they even hosted JP at their farmhouse.

dolce-gabbana-alta-moda-show-italyBusiness of fashion is tough. Designers’ creative skills are important but so is the art of building relationship. JP sure is floored by the VIP treatment extended to him by Domenico and Stefano for their men’s show, jewelry show, womenswear show and the extravaganza at Napoli where select 200 guests were invited from world over. In return our Desi dude hasn’t given any business to D&G yet. But relationship building is all about pampering. The fruits come later.

Not often celebrity designers come down from their high-horses. The one who does, win!

Desi Dude Shows How To Charm Ladies

Rockstar SurdyCheck-out this video where an elderly Sikh gentleman breaks into an impromptu dance gig with a girl half his age and how his inimitable style charms other women to join in.

This gentleman is the real rockstar. His gestures, moves and touches are innocent, funny and not offensive. He wins over the ladies with his groovy moves, which is part Bhangra, part Bollywood. I would say, ‘Sardarji is a PLAYER!’

See the video here: Rockstar Surdy  https://vimeo.com/174723101