Prasad Bidappa’s March edition of the ‘Ugly’ Calendar

Last month on February 01, 2011 exposed the aesthetically repulsive Gay Calendars that he circulates exclusively to his bunch of gay friends. got its hands on the March edition of the Bidappa’s calendar, which is equally if not more repulsive. This one actually shows a guy being sodomised, while another guy indulges in oral sex with him. EEEKS!!! Have a look and judge for yourself!I pity the male models who fall victim to this ‘Calendar’ project of Prasad Bidappa. I am sure non of the models who feature on Bidappa’s Gay Calendars are aware of it. Though the faces are not shown in these monthly calendars, it’s still a gross violation of an individual’s modesty. Is Prasad Bidappa exploiting his position as a fashion stylist and choreographer? Waddya Say???