Desperate B-Town Gals Strip-Down To Be In News

ameesha-patelVeenaMalikThe ‘Desperate B-Town Gals‘ have made stripping-down a ploy to stay relevant in Bollywood. You all had seen Ameesha Patel in those garters to announce the launch of her production house’s first film. She looked hideous rather than sexy. 

sherlyn-kamasutra-3dYou must have also seen Sherlyn Chopra doing the skin-show thingy for her MTV Splitsville show. But with Sherlyn showing skin is normal; seeing her clothed would be abnormal though. Here is the link to a video promo of her’s:



mallika sherawatWe also have Mallika Sherawat undressing to stay in news. Recently she posted her picture in black lacy lingerie on Twitter!

VeenaMalik01VeenaMalik02And now we have the hideous Veena Malik doing a bikini shoot!!!

What’s Ass – Mit Patel Upto?

I was quiet perplexed to see Ass-Mit (Ashmit) Patel posing in the buff. Now is he getting in to selling underwear like Neha Dhupia? With a film career going nowhere and a sister Amisha Patel picking up pangas with powerful people of Bollywood, the siblings really don’t have many options. Still who would buy a Ass-Mit brief? Not me definitely. His sister, Amisha with those huge Boobies that she loves to flaunt (and gets violent if somebody tries to cover those melons and accuses them of trying to grope her) would still have some chance in selling Double ‘D’ Cup-size Bras.

If Ass-Mit got the idea of posing in the buff from David Beckham then it is a very, very poor copy. David Beckham recently launched his own brand of underwear for H&M. And man this Beckham dude is Well Hung. If you see the adverstisements it looks like David Beckham is hiding a Frankfurter in his briefs. Compared that with Ass-Mit Patel’s shot. It looks like he has stuffed some Peanuts inside. The right term for Ass-Mit’s asset is ‘Chinia Badam’.