More on ‘Wifey slapping the Hubby’ Episode

Well folks, earlier I posted about a publicist wifey slapping her restaurateur hubby. However later I learnt that the hubby quiet deserved it and the ‘woh’ of the ‘pati, patni aur woh’, the fashionista was rather responsible for the whole episode.

In fact on the same night at Ameeta Seth’s wedding function, the Wifey’s (who slapped her hubby) sister, a prominent face on News Television pushed the fashionista lady, causing her to stumble and fall. Well no doubt the sisters are very physical when it comes to expressing their displeasure but it’s good to know that the siblings share this great bond and fight to protect each other.

The Hubby should get his act together!

Slapped by the Wifey in Public

Ohh…that hurts!

But folks, it ain’t fiction. A wife slapped her husband in public just because he was talking to another lady. This happened some time back at Ameeta Seth’s wedding function, All the three people in the midst of it all are very well known, the social set of Delhi. The wifey is a publicist, the hubby is a restaurateur and the other woman is a fashionista. The husband was chatting-up the Delhi based fashionista and that enraged the wifey (who some say, has a drinking problem) and she went and gave one tight-one to the hubby. Thank god she didn’t engage in a cat-fight with the lady.

But I wouldn’t blame the wifey entirely. Years back the husband was reportedly seeing the fashionista he was chatting up. Then the fashionista faced the wife’s brunt who poured wine on her expensive designer dress. That’s what happens at our High-Soc dos guys. Husbands flirting with other babes, wives eyeing hunky toy-boys and at times high-voltage drama like the one I just told you about. 

I am sure you might have guessed who I am talking about :)…