Year-End ‘Scandalous’ List – Bag-Hags Who Flaunt Fake Birkins

The coveted Birkin has become the Black Label Scotch in India. Just like India sells and consume more Black-Label than it’s produced in Scotland, the number of Bag-Hags flaunting their Birkin are more than the bags sold by Hermes. You wondering how can that happen? Well darling it’s the ‘fakes’ that are floating around and fake fashionistas are shamelessly flaunting the fakes.

Too many people who are not all that fashionable have it. And they carry it everywhere. I have seen women carry their big Birkins to dinner parties. So not chic!  Globally people are blaming Kim Kardashian for demoting the status-symbol associated with the Birkin. Here I got to blame the fake Birkin carriers for it.

So who are these ladies who shamelessly flaunt a fake Birkin? I received hundreds of name and I am sure I will get loads of flak from whom I name. Doesn’t matter as you can’t keep everyone happy!

Topping the list is Shabnam Singhal. Then we have the sisters – Payal Kapoor and Priya Jain, the inevitable Anjalee Kapoor, Neena Verma, Ammu Saidi, Pria Kataria Puri and sorry to say, Vidya Balan.


Gareth Pugh’s Space-Age Churidaar-Kurtas

Gareth Pugh, a brilliant designer showcased his Spring|Summer 2011 collection in Paris through a short digital presentation. Fashion critics termed Pugh’s show as, “kaleidoscopic vision with a futuristic fetish slant”.  Vogue summarized Pugh’s collection as replete of, “designer’s razor-sharp tailoring with articulated armour-like tops, chiffon capes in chequerboard prints and Samurai-style looks.”

But I found some of the silhouettes bearing an uncanny resemblance to our Churidaar-kurtas. A molten silver ensemble definitely looks like a silver churidaar-kurta. Even Asha Parekh style short hip-hugging kurti paired with a churidaar was seen on Gareth’s Techno collection.  A-Line chiffon tops with rubberized neoprene leggings again bore resemblance to our ubiquitous churidaar-kurta. 

I am so looking forward to see some rich fashionista pick up that molten silver churidaar-kurta and sizzle in a Delhi soiree! Anjali Chawla, Tanisha Mohan, Ammu Saidi kindly oblige!