Tanisha the Shutterbug

Tanisha Mohan, a permanent feature at fashion weeks was seen clicking pictures of ┬ádesigner’s collection from her ‘must-have’ by hook or by crook front row seat. Yeah, at Men’s Week too, she sat on Vineet Jain, the MD of Times of India’s seat.

Wonder why she was capturing the images from the ramp? Would you know why? Here’s a picture, which I am fictionalising and captioning: “Amol Vadehra seems to be asking Tanisha Mohan why she’s been taking pictures at the shows.” Now I want you guys to suggest me some witty answers to the question in the caption. Would you suggest some?My answers are:

Tanisha: Amol you know I have few unfortunate fraands who haven’t seen shows and they keep begging, ‘Tashu tu toh every show mein Front Row mein sit karti hai. Kyon nahi U take some photos for us please”. I pity them and do it for them yaar.


Tanisha: Amol you know nah how dumb these reporters are? After every show they run after me to find out my opinion on the show. My opinion is soooo important to them so I help these poor guys and after seeing shows after shows, I lose track and then these pictures come handy.

By the way, if you didn’t know this…Tanisha once tried to become the Guest Contributor for ‘Hello’ magazine and her argument was that she knows Delhi’s biggest hot-shots and can definitely do much better than the existing Guest Contributor of Hello. The Guest Contributor referred to is a respected columnist cum TV Anchor and hails from one of the most respected and sophisticated families of Delhi

Is Ayesha Thapar getting Hitched???

Miss ‘Pouty’ Lips – Ayesha Thapar has suddenly got an aversion for the flashlights. A darling of the Page 3 shutterbugs, Ayesha now runs at the very sight of them. Why lady, why???

At the Elle-Dior party hosted for the ‘Aisha’ starcast, Ayesha Thapar was enjoying the evening with her bunch of Boyz – Rohit, Rahul and Amol. When Sonam Kapoor was aggressively auctioning the Lady Dior Bag for Breast Cancer Foundation (Oh, that reminds me, Sonam post her 30kilos downsizing has lost her boobs too.) and egged fashionistas to bid but walked past Ayesha, I saw her perturbed. But when she was surrounded by the shutterbugs, Ayesha got so annoyed that she left the party.

Wonder why Ayesha Thapar, once a toast of P3 is shunning it. My experience says that when a P3 girl is getting hitched, she usually stay’s away from P3 so that no wrong assumptions are made about her. Does that rule apply to Ayesha too? Is she getting hitched???