Capital’s Lucky Ghar-Jamais

I seriously envy the Ghar-Jamais. They aren’t born with a silver spoon but definitely married with a platinum one. The typical Ghar-Jamai is a son-in-law who moves in with his wife to the father-in-law’s house (or in a house bought by the father-in-law) and eventually joins the pop-in-law’s business empire. Nothing wrong about it. I am simply jealous!

Now who are the Top Ghar-Jamais of Delhi? Well the first name that comes to my mind is that of Timmy Sarna who married the heiress of the DLF Group, Pia Singh. Before marriage Timmy worked in his family venture – Sarna Exports. In the year 2000, Timmy Sarna launched Comma Home – a lifestyle store offering a wide choice of furnishing solutions. Timmy, MD of Comma Home had then planned 10 more stores across the country by 2002 but Comma Home has disappeared now. Timmy Sarna has joined his pop-in-law’s empire and is the MD of DLF Brands. Earlier Timmy lived in Green Park but post his marriage, he and Pia lives in a sprawling house in Aurangzeb Road.

Another lucky dude is Shikhar Malhotra who married Roshni Nadar, the daughter of  Tech Billionaire Shiv Nadar of the $5-billion  HCL Group. Before marrying Roshni in November 2009, Shikhar Malhotra had the modest business of Distrubutorship of Honda cars. Post his marriage with Roshni Nadar, Shikhar Malhotra is the CEO of the Shiv Nadar Schools, a pet-project of Shiv Nadar. According to reliable sources, Roshni and Shikhar last year moved in to a plush house in posh Delhi that Shiv Nadar bought for Rs. 100 Crores.

The latest one to join the gang of Ghar-Jamai’s is Arjun Prasad. A banker of sorts from UK, Arjun Prasad got married to Pernia Qureshi, daughter of Moin Qureshi, one of India’s largest meat exporter. The couple recently moved in to the Service Apartments at Aman, which obviously is paid for by pop-in-law, Moin Qureshi. Workwise…nobody knows what Arjun does. Most assume he tags along with his wife who at times plan to make movies but currently occupied in launching her own label of designer wear.

No I haven’t forgotten the most famous Ghar-Jamai. I am sure you know who I am talking about. But the guy took too many liberties of being the Jamai of India’s most powerful family and resultant messed up his cozy life. Last heard he is no more staying at the wifey’s house so guess he is no more a Ghar Jamai.

Qureshi Kebabs…Qureshi Fashion

The name – ‘Qureshi’ use to titillate my palate thanks to the succulent Kebabs of Chef Qureshi. But now Qureshi will take us on a high of High Fashion thanks to the multifaceted Pernia Qureshi. The famous stylist, Pernia Qureshi who her friends think posed a threat to Anaita Shroff, the most sought after stylist in Bollywood of her prima-donna status has turned designer and her friends who had the privilege of seeing her debut collection are going gaga over it. By the way Pernia also made a short film on fashion, is a muse to many a designer and occasionally models too!

As if Pernia’s fashion sense wasn’t enough to make Qureshi’s fashion label a must-have in a fashionista’s closet, her close friend Sonam Kapoor is the face of the brand. It was Pernia who widened Sonam Kapoor’s fashion horizon from Versace and Dolce to more esoteric labels like Maison Martin Margiela and Comme Des Garçons (though Ms. Kapoor had problems pronouncing the label correctly). Kebabs plus Butter-Chicken completes the story!

Am sure even hubby Arjun Prasad will give his valuable inputs to put Qureshi’s fashion on the forefront!

Come again. What did you say? Tanisha Mohan planning to launch her label??? Ohh…Main Bolunga Toh Bologe Ki Bolta Hai!!!


Wannabe Socialite Yet Again Piles On to a Front-Row Seat Shamelessly

Some People never grow up; never learn!

On Saturday at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011 when Ramona Narang and Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna were showcasing their collections at The Taj Palace Hotel, this Page 3 obsessed self-proclaimed socialite walks in without a bonafide front-row seat and eyes for a vacant coveted front-row seat. There were non available. Her friends quietly sat on the seats available on the second row but this wannabe socialite won’t. It is demeaning to her ‘stature’. Hahaha! Come on, if you really deserved one, a front-row seat would had been reserved for you. Why don’t you get this simple fact in your head. 

So what does this Wannabe Socialite do? Well she walks up to FDCI Prez, Sunil Sethi (known for his big-heart) and pleads to him to accommodate her. Poor guy had no choice but to oblige and let the Wannabe Socialite park her big derriere on his front-row seat. We couldn’t help but laugh at it all and pity Sunil Sethi who was really uncomfortable throughout the show. Grow up lady.It’s not the first time you have been piling on to others’ seats in the front-row. Once you shamelessly grabbed a ‘Media’ seat and many a times squeezed yourself between people making every one uncomfortable.

Delhi’s self-confessed socialites are becoming shameless by the day. At the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out at DLF Emporio, there were hordes of Gatecrashers at the After-Party at Setz. Designers too gatecrashed and so did another wannabe socialite with a group of 10. Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor were denied but some pushy designers and socialites managed to push in. I fail to understand why would one like to go where they aren’t invited?

At the same Vogue Fashion’s Night Out after-party there was a couple, a typical case of Delhi’s show-off walas. This couple – Pernia Qureshi and Arjun Prasad booked the Private Dining Room (PDR) at SETZ very well knowing that the place is booked for VNO’s after-party. They – Pernia and Arjun were seen pulling in people at the PDR. Saw them pulling in JJ Valaya and Suneet Varma who were there for the Vogue party and not for this show-offs Private Dinner. Tch-Tch…things people do to show-off. After all pop-in-law’s wealth doesn’t prick Arjun Prasad to hold lavish dinners just to show off!

Newest Wannabe in Town to Trot with Bodyguards

In Delhi the rich brats have this weird desire to hire Private Bodyguards and mind you, these guys are least likely to need one. It is a kind of ‘status symbol’ for nouveau riche and the the wannabe kinds. The worst part is, these wannabes love to flaunt these safari-suit clad, walkie-talkie carrying security guys and take them along every where and even insist that they be allowed inside a nightclub or a bar. On the contrary I have seen Rahul Gandhi making it a point that non of his SPG personnel walk-in with him at a club or a restaurant even when he has a genuine security threat. This is what is called ‘class’.

The newest wannabe flaunting bodyguards is none other than Arjun Prasad, better known as stylist Pernia Qureshi’s husband and Moin Qureshi’s ‘Ghar Jamai‘. I spotted him (minus Pernia) at Aqueel’s club – Hype with couple of safari-suit clad bodyguards hovering around him wherever he loitered. It was at Hype where Arjun Prasad misbehaved with Robert Vadra blabbering, “I want this guy off my table”, pointing out at Rob. But sadly it was Pernia and Arjun who were not only taken off the table but were ousted from the club. 

So dear Arjun, who are you scared of? What prompted the need of Bodyguards? Or is it the case of creating an impression that you are somebody important? Come on dude, these tactics don’t work no more!

Money Can’t Buy You Style Raj Kundra

Style is inborn; style can be inculcated but style cannot be bought. One perfect example of this Raj Kundra, better known as the NRI husband of Shilpa Shetty.

First of all I don’t understand the trimmed beard. Probably it is to conceal the facial marks. But what would explain the glares at the middle of the night? Is Raj Kundra trying hard to project a Starry attitude? Worse is the unsightly sweat stains on his white shirt. Raj bhai, there’s something called a deodorant, which also controls sweating. You launched a fragrance dedicated to Shilpa (which sank without a trace. The only one I ever saw was at a friend’s house that was exclusively used to repel the foul smell when their adorable Boxer-Jojo farted.) and you sure are aware of deodorants.

At the recently held birthday bash of Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra was spotted in an ill-fitted black leather pants and a grey shiny shirt in Polyviscose. In the sweltering and humid weather of Mumbai in June, the very sight of leather and viscose makes me uncomfortable, wonder how Kundra felt wearing them.

Shilpa Shetty should do something about Raj Kundra’s style statement and fashion sense. It’s very selfish of her to concentrate only about her look. Shilpa why don’t you hire Pernia Qureshi? I heard she has started a venture as a ‘Personal Shopper’. One drawback though, Pernia has a reputation to fleece her clients (Bechari can’t help as the hubby Arjun Prasad is almost a Ghar-Jamai) and push them to buy labels that her friends have interest in, like Dior. Anil Kapoor nowadays wears only Dior Homme.