Smoozers Head to Italy for Ayesha & Nikesh’s Wedding

Ayesha Thapar_Nikesh Arora

Ayesha Thapar_Nikesh Arora broke you the story of Ayesha Thapar and Nikesh Arora’s wedding on the 1st of April 2014. Here is the link to that story:

Ayesha Thapar is getting married to head-honcho of Google, Nikesh Arora in one of the most beautiful place on the Adriatic Coast off Italy – in Borgo Egnazia in Puglia. The wedding affair starts on the 3rd of July and ends on the 9th.

Top designers who are good friends of Ayesha – Rohit Bal, Rahul KhannaRohit Gandhi and Manav Gangwani are Italy bound. So are Sanjeev Bijli, Ruheen Jaiswal, Ameeta Seth and her hubby, and Sumant Jaikrishnan, the ace set designer.

Here is wishing Ayesha and Nikesh loads of happiness in the new innings of their life!

The Gorgeous Ayesha Thapar is TAKEN

ayesha thapar_nikesh aroraThe gorgeous Ayesha Thapar‘Miss Pouty Lips’ is getting hitched in July. She found her soulmate in Nikesh Arora, the celebrated Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice-president at Google. By the way Nikesh is also known as the highest paid executive in the world and you must have seen him hob-nobbing with the global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Borgo EnagziaFor both, Ayesha and Nikesh, it is their second marriage. Ayesha was married to Miami based Turkish telecom tycoon earlier and Nikesh was married to Kiran with whom he has a daughter. Ayesha and Nikesh got engaged in February and the marriage is in July – a destination wedding in Adriatic Coast off Italy – in Borgo Egnazia in Puglia where Justin Timberlake too got married. Whatever little I know, the there–day affair is going to be one chic affair and only select friends from India and abroad are invited.

Post marriage Ayesha and Nikesh Arora will split their time between Gurgaon and Silicon Valley as Google has invested big in India. Best wishes to the gorgeous couple! 


Shady facts about Ayesha’s ex husband, Engin Yesil

Another reader of this blog gave an interesting insight about Engin Yesil, the Turkish Tycoon Ayesha Thapar was married to. Thank god, she is out of that marriage now.

ANTHEAD, thank you for this great piece of info:


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I once read some very interesting dope on Ayesha’s ex-husband. The man’s led an interesting and very shady life to say the least. Here are some details:

Is Ayesha Thapar getting Hitched???

Miss ‘Pouty’ Lips – Ayesha Thapar has suddenly got an aversion for the flashlights. A darling of the Page 3 shutterbugs, Ayesha now runs at the very sight of them. Why lady, why???

At the Elle-Dior party hosted for the ‘Aisha’ starcast, Ayesha Thapar was enjoying the evening with her bunch of Boyz – Rohit, Rahul and Amol. When Sonam Kapoor was aggressively auctioning the Lady Dior Bag for Breast Cancer Foundation (Oh, that reminds me, Sonam post her 30kilos downsizing has lost her boobs too.) and egged fashionistas to bid but walked past Ayesha, I saw her perturbed. But when she was surrounded by the shutterbugs, Ayesha got so annoyed that she left the party.

Wonder why Ayesha Thapar, once a toast of P3 is shunning it. My experience says that when a P3 girl is getting hitched, she usually stay’s away from P3 so that no wrong assumptions are made about her. Does that rule apply to Ayesha too? Is she getting hitched???