Would U like to talk to Veena Malik on V Day???

Well is not offering this service to you. We have better tastes! But yes a Mobile Telephone Service Provider is surely offering its subscribers to talk to Veena Malik of Bigg Boss fame on Valentine’s Day as a part of their Value Added Service (VAS). Malik is being paid Rs. 3 Lacs for an hour to chat with callers. Isn’t it a bit too much for that drama queen?

Since news of Rahat Ali Khan being nabbed at Delhi Airport for carrying undisclosed foreign currency worth Rs. 70 Lacs is fresh in my mind, I was wondering if this Pakistani wannabe – Veena Malik even has a Business Visa to make money in India. Would somebody enlighten me please???

Meanwhile let your voyeuristic side indulge in these semi-nude pictures of Veena Malik, shot when she was younger.