Amar Sarin’s car’s panes were smashed at Riju’s Diwali Bash


Riju Jhunjhunwala, the guy who recently got married to Amrita Kak, the daughter of Bina Kak, the Tourism Minister of Rajasthan, threw a lavish pre-Diwali bash at his farm. Delhi’s society-walas gambled, drank, puffed, pulled, ate and danced at his party but for one guy, Amar Sarin. Amar is Sunaini’s kid brother and has a fleet of fancy cars. His car (Bentley, if I am right) was smashed by some rogues. They held back his driver and the other guys smashed all the windows of the car. What a dastardly act.

Now who could have done it or got it done by hired goons is the big question. Amar is a cool guy and whatever little I know him, he is a chilled out, non aggressive kinda guy. So who would be nursing a malice against him? 

Now Delhi’s gossip mill is abuzz with this incident and all fingers are pointing towards Amar’s ex girlfriend’s beau.

By the way, who lost a Bentley at a card game pre Diwali? Any info on that folks???