Mesmerised By ‘Fit N Fab’ Aishwarya

AshAishwarya Rai Bachchan looks fabulous in the song – Kahaaniya in Jazbaa. I have to accept that am smitten by the fit and fab Ash. Besides, I am very stingy with compliments and much more so with Aishwarya but what I saw was a beautiful Ash.

Ash2ash3In a body-hugging track-suit that provided no scope for concealing the slightest of bulge, she looked sexy like never before. The soft sensuality that Sanjay Gupta captured on the frames like a peek-a-boo cleavage, the firm butt, the silhouette of toned thighs and the shapely body and of course that beautiful face makes Aishwarya Rai look hottest ever.

And by the way Ash had no embarrassing ‘camel-toe’ moments. Way to go lady!!!

Here is the link to the video of Kahaaniya:


I Told U About “Bagwati” Pernia’s Movie Way Back…

08jaanisarRemember I wrote about Bagwati – Pernia Qureshi’s filmy aspirations way back in November 2013…Here is the link to  that post:

54f9870238251Well the period movie – Jaanisar had its trailer launch a few days back. It is directed by Muzaffar Ali and is funded by Pernia Qureshi’s dad, Moin Qureshi who is embroiled in some Hawala racket. The movie credit reads Meera Ali’s name as the Producer but that’s just on paper. The period movie stars a Pakistani hero – Imran Abbas Naqvi besides our Bagwati, Pernia.

jaanisar-2015-7aBesides getting paid to make a movie, Muzaffar Ali and Meera Ali also gained from loading the movie with Meera & Muzaffar Ali Couture ensembles. In company of the Late Ponty Chaddha, (Moin used to be often seen with Ponty before his death) Moin got the filmy fever and his daughter always harbored Bollywood dreams.

Let us wait and see how Jaanisar does once it is released. I will definitely see it for Bagwati’s sake!

Cannes’ Bollywood Brigade – Stop Being Fashion Victims

Generated by  IJG JPEG LibraryWhen I wrote about 2.5 Kilo arms of Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan many trashed me for being mean and talking about body parts of the Bollywood divas. I can live with it but the thumb rule of fashion is that one should wear an ensemble that compliments their body and not wear something just because it is in fashion. Blindly succumbing to a fad is not being fashionable. It’s being a sad fashion victim!ash_flesh bulging

A big-buck couture gown by a famous couturier neither does justice to the lady wearing it nor benefits the designer if the ensemble does not compliment the diva’s look. There is no doubt that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is beautiful, gorgeous and classy. Nothing can take that away from her. But when she wears a body-hugging tiered gown by Oscar de la Renta that pushes out her fleshy bits around the under-arms, it is definitely not fashionable. (I have posted a picture by Getty Images so that you don’t accuse me of photoshopping!)

sonam-kapoor-elie saabSonam Kapoor wore that yolk coloured Elie Saab gown that made her look like she had a miserable day at a chicken poultry farm chasing chickens. How can one ignore but comment on such a disaster.

21cannes-richa-chadda2_gauri&nainikaFashion should not be followed blindly. Make your own fashion statement rather than succumbing to the aura of big-ticket couture labels. I liked what Richa Chadha wore – the powder pink Gauri and Nainika ensemble. Keep it simple ladies!


slamthetorA regular reader of shared this piece of gup-shup with me. I too have heard similar stories from others. Yeah it seems B-Town is really having some totally unadulterated fun!

c35177e2-1395-42ff-92ab-b604f2106c54WallpAutoWallpaper2slam-the-tour-at-washington-dc-27_thAuthor : SS 
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yeh ‘F’ kaun hai jack? get the real dope on RK – Kat though….. someone who was at the after party of the Slam Concert told me that its very evident that all these folks sleep with each other.. so having an ‘open’ relationship is a given ( DP spent all night either dancing on the table top in the suite or sitting on SRK’s lap, AB and MAK were laying on the couch together hammered- eyewitness). This deal with RK-Kat has gotta be something else… partnership? convenience? 


Huma U R So Pretty. All U Need Is A Good Stylist

23style-diva-huma-qureshiBollywood actor Huma Qureshi is definitely one the top ladies with a beautiful face. Yeah she is voluptuous and curvy too,  the shape which most men like. But she needs to do something on her personal style department. She needs a good stylist.

23style-huma-ayushman-neha4 copy23style-huma-ayushman-neha4 copy 2I saw these pictures of Huma in a black jumpsuit with a sheer peek-a-boo detailing. It was a perfect outfit probably for a party but not for the ramp where photographs really expose the details. And a high-waist pant over the donuts and love-handles can be disastrous when you see the ‘ripples’. The sheer detailing did not compliment Huma’s curvaceous body. It rather showed what’s not to be shown – the not-so-taut bits. Worse Huma was slouching and adding to the ‘ripples’.

29gq-huma-qureshi2Here in a glittered trench Huma Qureshi looks nice. And that saucy leg-show is sexy. Huma just get a good stylist and you will rock. You have such an attractive face lady…