‘Botox Beauty’ – Preity Zinta Eclipsed By ‘Bong Beauty’ – Indrani

ipl03Karan-Paul_Chairman_Apeejay-Surendra-Group-along-with-his-wife-Indrani-Dasgupta-cleaned-the-streets-2Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 8 is on and it is that time of the year when Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner hogs her annual dose of limelight. On Sunday evening Kings XI Punjab beat the Mumbai Indians at their home-turf in Wankhede and Preity Zinta was incessantly jumping. Nobody from the Wadia family was their to spoil her fun.

09ndmpIndrani_G9H32_689238e5_052614123420However Karan Paul, a stake-holder in the Kings XI Punjab was there with his gorgeous wife – Indrani Dasgupta at the VIP Stands alongside Preity Zinta. Preity’s heavily Botoxed face paled in front of Indrani’s natural beauty. In fact the dimples on Indrani’s face were more pronounced than Zinta’s. Guess all the collagen and Botox filled up the dimples that was once PZ’s asset.

Oh yes if anybody gave competition to Preity Zinta on Botox, it was the other team-owner – Nita Ambani of Mumbai Indians!

Scandalous Titles For Self-Proclaimed DIVAS

Basmati_Body Odour

Basmati_Body Odor

I think since most of you must have got ‘pakaoed’ by beauty pageants and award shows felicitating the ladies with ‘Most Beautiful Hair’, ‘Most Beautiful Smile’, ‘Most Fashionable Diva’…so on and so forth, let us come out with the signature Fashionscandal Titles to be bestowed upon the social butterflies of Delhi and Mumbai. And I need your contribution in form of nominations for each category. Be assured your suggestions would be kept confidential.

Priyanka_Chopra_Nose Job

Nosey_nose job



Thunder Thighs

Thunder Thighs

Please nominate DIVAS for following titles (from Delhi & Mumbai):

* Ms. Botox

* Ms. Silicon (Need I say more???)

* Ms. Thunder – Thighs

* Ms. Ass_Ass_In ( I am talking about Derriere Extraordinaire!)

* Ms. Nosey – A Diva with an unique Nose-Job

* Ms. Narangi – Diva with Orange-Peel Effect

* Ms. Basmati – Diva who overwhelm the Olfactory sense

* Ms. ‘Bobby Darling’ (FS Readers sure know what I mean.)


*Ms Radial Tyre

Padma Lakshmi – The New Ambassadress of Botox

Padma Lakshmi appears to be in a serious competition with Simi Garewal on who can hold the most Botox in their face!

On her appearance at 2011 Emmys, my gaze was more fixed at Padma Lakshmi’s Frozen Face than her Armani Privé 
Golden Gown or her Jimmy Choo sandals. She sure did look worse than Simi, who till now was the Queen of Botox. Padma beats Simi hollow. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Plastic Babes’ Anthem – Thodi Si Lift Kara De!

The re-emergence of Simi Garewal on the Idiot Box as the Hostess of a stupid show – India’s Most Desirable has brought the whole plastic surgery gossip in the forefront. I loved a guy who tweeted – RT @uncannybal: Botox prices shot up all over the world when the manufacturers heard Simi Garewal was going to do another TV show.

But why single out Simi Garewal? She isn’t the only Plastic Doll floating around. We have the well-known Plastic Babes like Queenie Singh, Ramona Narang, Shilpa Shetty and Sobha De who are the unofficial Ambassadoresses of Plastic Surgery. 

I would like to talk about lesser know babes who have gone under the knife. Gauri Khan takes the Cake. The pictures tell it all! Diya Mirza got her broad nose fixed and also got a boob-job done. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is rather popular with Bollywood stars and socialites. There is Priya Sachdev Chatwal who got a not-so-great nose job done and if you thought Sonakshi Sinha just shed those extra kilos for Dabangg, you are wrong. She trimmed her big and round nose. Oh even Akshay Kumar got his crooked nose fixed.

Then we have ‘bee-stung’ cases. Don’t you see Katrina Kaif’ has acquired a trout-pout? Yes that’s all collagen there. Mallaika Arora Khan also got got Collagen injected into her lips. Plus her usual Butt-Job.

So folks if you have any more revelations to make, please I would love to put it up here.

Malaika Arora Khan & Arjun Kapoor

When the buzz broke-off about Malaika Arora Khan and Boney Kapoor’s son, Arjun Kapoor having an affair, I wasn’t shocked at all. Why? Simply because I recalled the days at IIFA 2010 in Colombo where I always spotted Arjun Kapoor (podgy and specy those days) running after Malaika as a chaperon. Arjun very much looked smitten by the bubble-butt Malaika’s charm. In fact I shared the the lift with them twice at the hotel and now since this affair thing has come out, I can put two in to two.

If Malaika was anywhere, Arjun had to be around. At the breakfast buffet where stars also had to come down to the coffee shop, the smitten Arjun was always on his toes serving Madam Bubble-Butt her juice, her eggs and I wondered why somebody like Boney Kapoor’s son is slaving around for an ‘Item-Girl.’ Now the picture is clear indeed!

Salman Khan never liked his bhabi – Malaika or her sister Amrita. This was published in Mid-Day a month or so back. I posted immediately after Dabang’s success about a statement that Sallu made to his Wealth Manager – “I am happy for Arbaaz. Now Malaika need not do those raunchy Item Numbers.” Salman is very conservative about women related to him. He could never take Malaika’s and Amrita’s wild partying ways and their skimpy clothes.

God only knows what will be the outcome of this buzz within Khan family but what’s wrong with Arjun Kapoor? Why go for silicon pumped and botoxed beauty when there are plenty of real ones around??? Must be his post adolescence crush!