Now we have Porn Wikileaks

‘Exposing’ is the foundation stone of the porn industry. But now the website called Porn Wikileaks hosted from Netherlands has brought a harrowing new level of ‘Expose’ to Porn Valley by publishing the real names of more than 12,000 porn performers. That’s just the start. Porn Wikileaks has wrecked havoc on performers’ lives for months by wielding personal information like a weapon. The real names posted on Porn Wikileaks were stolen from the patient database of the private clinic that runs STD tests for California’s porn industry. 

The identities of everyone involved in Porn Wikileaks is unknown, but it’s widely considered to be the brainchild of Donald Carlos Seoane—aka Donny Long. Seone is a failed porn actor and director who was notorious for picking fights in the California porn industry. But he was shut out after he pissed too many people off. Whoever is behind Porn Wikileaks is definitely homophobic as “Gays ruining the porn industry” is a reoccurring theme with Porn Wikileaks. The site constantly rails against crossover stars who work in both gay and straight porn—claiming they are the biggest HIV risks—and its forums are full of homophobic slurs and ranting.

Gawker reports, “Regardless of what you think of the porn industry, terrorizing performers with the threat of extreme privacy violation is wrong. Porn Wikileaks plays directly on fears of HIV and the vulnerability some performers have to being outed to unsuspecting families. The threat of exposure acts as a powerful check on performers who might, say, speak up about an abusive employer, lest links to their parents Facebook profiles show up on Porn Wikileaks.”