Coke Haven – The ‘Toilet Lounge’ Coming Up Soon in Delhi

The Lalit Hotel is coming up with a Lounge/Bar soon at the space, which earlier housed Annabeles. Spearheading the project is Keshav Suri, the son of late¬†Lalit Suri who is the Executive Director of The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. Keshav studied International Management from London hence wants to set up a Bar/Lounge that is totally […]

Suite#1724 @ ITC Maurya was where the ‘Real’ IPL After Party Rocked

Li’l Birdie chirped that on Sunday night (4th April 2010) post the Delhi Daredevils & Deccan Challengers match at Delhi where Daredevils thrashed Challengers, the ‘real’ after party was at the Presidential Suite (#1724) of the ITC Maurya. If you wondering why, it’s because Michel Adam, the owner of Fashion TV was holed in there […]