Rum ‘n’ Cola, Vodka-Redbull, Coke ‘n’ Moet

You would definitely agree with me that colas got a surge in demand the day some smart mixologist discovered that it goes great with Rum. Similarly the energy drink Redbull must be thanking Vodka for their sale impetus. You got to any club or pub, you will find tipplers screaming at the bartender, “2 Vodka-Redbulls please”. In fact Redbull has become a generic term for Energy Drinks, just like Walkman was for portable music systems.Coke, not the cola but the crystalline white stuff is fueling champagne sales and nobody is happier than the owners of the brands Moet & Chandon and Dom Perignon. If you aren’t aware, let me broaden your horizons. Coke-heads love to drink expensive bubblies after snorting a few lines. And coke-heads are usually loaded (or how else could they savour an addiction that cost 4k for a g) and wouldn’t drink anything less than a Moet. I have been told that the bubbly after few lines, heighten the experience. So next time you are partying out and you see a lot of bubblies being popped, be assured coke-heads are in the house.Seriously, Moet and Dom should thank Coke because I think the maximum champagne in this city is guzzled at nightclubs by the cokeheads. The french Luxury Conglomerate should spend some megabucks in form of charity in poverty stricken Colombia, the land of Coke. Don’t you think so???

Suite#1724 @ ITC Maurya was where the ‘Real’ IPL After Party Rocked

Li’l Birdie chirped that on Sunday night (4th April 2010) post the Delhi Daredevils & Deccan Challengers match at Delhi where Daredevils thrashed Challengers, the ‘real’ after party was at the Presidential Suite (#1724) of the ITC Maurya. If you wondering why, it’s because Michel Adam, the owner of Fashion TV was holed in there with loads of ‘goodies’.

Wondering what is the F TV boss doing at IPL? Well Michel Adam & IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi are partners and Modi’s Modi Entertainment Network (MEN) holds the license for all FTV ventures in India – FTV, F Bar, F Salon et al.

When it comes to partying, Adam is a hardcore party animal. He travels with a bevy of blondes and that sure is an attraction. So it was at Michel Adam’s suite where all the action was -accessible only to the elite few – Michel Adam and his glamorous entourage, Lalit Modi, Vijay Malaya, his lucky mascot – Katrina, Sid Malaya, Anusha Dandekar, a media tycoon and hordes of blondes. Champagnes popped and cherries popped too, among other ‘stuff’.