Ms.Priya Chatwal shouldn’t wear Sleeveless Dresses

Priya Chatwal Sachdev has the luxury of moolah and ‘Press Pieces’ to don high-end designer labels, courtesy Kitsch that stocks all AEFFE Group brands like Lanvin, DVF, Gaultier, Moschino, Marc Jacobs and many more. But somehow I have noticed she should keep her armpits concealed. There are plenty of folds, which my learned friend said that women get those unsightly folds when they go on crash dieting post child-birth.

Seems Priya Chatwal did go for crash diet post child-birth and resultant the lose skin that accumulates as unsightly folds at the arm pit. She would be better off in sleeves. Click on the pix (I loaded High Resolution ones to give you a ‘clear-picture’.) and you would undoubtedly agree with me.